Interview with Author Linda Yezak + Giveaway!

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing author Linda Yezak's Christian romance earlier this month and it was a blast! I would love for you to share this fun reading experience so I'm giving you the opportunity to win a signed copy of Give the Lady a Ride! First please join me in welcoming Linda as she tells us a little bit about herself and her writing...


Please tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

I’m a plain ol’ housewife with a bit of an imagination and a few hours a day I can devote to writing. Everything interests me, which makes researching my projects my favorite part of the writing process.

Give the Lady A Ride is about bull-riding among many other things, how much research did you have to do and I think the million dollar question is have you ever ridden a bull?

Let me answer the second part first–No. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have tried back when I was younger. That bit I have in the book about women riding bulls is true, and back when I was more daring and in far better shape, I would’ve climbed on without a second thought. Of course, climbing on a second time may have required more reflection!

As for the research, I watched a ton of PBR shows on TV, even recorded them so I could replay them so I could see what was going on in the chutes, what moves the bulls made, and what moves the riders made to stay on.

Aside from this, I interviewed a former pro bull rider on a whim. His ranch is located near my mother’s house, and I swung off the highway and up his gravel drive before I thought of what I was doing. He was generous with his time, and invited me back to watch him “buck the babies,” another event that made it into my book.

For the ranching, etc., well, I live in Texas. It isn’t too hard to find a cowboy willing to talk about his trade. Actually, my husband’s family raised cattle at one point. He was a tremendous source (and who else could I thank with a kiss?).

I for one loved Talon and Chance. Any more plans for stories with cowboys like these guys? *fingers crossed* Also please tell us about your WIP!

This one is hard to answer. At one time, I toyed with writing a sequel to Give the Lady a Ride, even started it. I named it “Roping Venus” and gave Frank a larger role in it, and introduced a new character–Patricia’s aunt Venus, a matronly Georgia belle. I got several chapters written before I got distracted and put it aside.
My current WIP entwines the lives of an old eccentric, an interior decorator, a veterinarian, a journalist, and an arsonist in an exciting tale of deception and mystery–not to mention a strong thread of romance.
The Cat Lady’s Secret has been a blast to write, and if I could just devote more time to it instead of Facebook, I could finish by the end of the month. After that, it has to survive my critique partner and a separate critique group whose influence would help my career, then I have to find an agent (although one has already expressed interest–yea!!!).

Who, authors, friends, family or otherwise has influenced your writing?

My critique partner, K. M. (Katie) Weiland, gets the credit for the most influence. Katie’s writing is above exceptional, and her knowledge of the craft exceeds that of many published authors. I’m fortunate to have her input on my work.

What’s the best part about being a published author?

Awful as it may sound, I’m still waiting for the “best part.” So far, it means added work and responsibilities. But, on second thought, the best part so far has been reading my reviews. Few non-writers know how terrifying it is for an author to put her work out there to be read and criticized by others. So many doubts and fears crop up. For Christian authors, it’s even worse–are we really doing God’s will? Is he pleased with our work?

I feel fortunate, honored, and humbled by the fact Ride has fared so well among reviewers.

Where can readers find you on the web?

My favorite playground is Facebook, although I do make appearances on Twitter.

For folks who want to get to know me, warts and all, they should check out my website,
777 Peppermint Place ( Here is where I spill whatever’s on my mind, from my critters’ crazy antics to my worries about Mom and onward to things about reading, writing, and . . . no, I don’t go near ’rithmetic.

Anyone wanting to read my writing tips can catch me on
AuthorCulture ( This site is shared with other authors and is devoted to the craft of writing.

Feel free to add anything that you would like in closing or anything of interest that you think readers might like to know about you and your book.



My own (gently read) signed copy of Give the Lady a Ride, it's not signed to me so you can keep it for yourself or pass it on as a gift. :-)

To enter:
~Leave a comment with your email or make sure your email is in your profile for one entry.

2 bonus entries:
~Visit Linda's site and say hi and let me know that you did so in a comment on this post (I'll take your word for it, but if I find out you didn't you will be disqualified!)

US residents only as postage is crazy expensive to any other country.

Giveaway closes Tuesday, May 24 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be selected at random and notified via email on Wednesday, May 25th.

Good Luck!!!!



  1. No need to enter me as I already had the privilege of reading this book for review, but I just had to stop by and wave hello to Linda! *waving* And your next book, The Cat Lady's Secret, sounds very intriguing! :)


  2. Thanks for the interview, Renee--it was fun!

    Hi, Amber! I hope to finish Cat Lady this month or early next. I'm really happy with it. Can't wait to see what happens with it once I type "The End." Will a big publishing company want it? I hope so!

  3. I would love to be entered!! :) I've been wanting to read it!

    bluerosesheart at yahoo dot com

  4. Thanks for the giveaway :DD I like the cover!


  5. Good luck, Bluerose! (I *adore* blue roses!!!)

  6. This sounds like fun! I like the cover. This author sounds honest and cool.
    Great post.
    (not an entry)

  7. I think this book sounds like such fun! Looks like one I would enjoy. :)

    I left a comment on 777 Peppermint Place (love that!) :-))


  8. Wow lots of comments! Thank you ladies and Linda for stopping by and visiting lil ol' me!

    XOXO~ Renee

  9. Blissfulrains & Juju--I'll pass on your admiration of the cover. Anna will love it!

    Casey--I got your message on 777 Peppermint Place. Thank you so much for visiting!

  10. Would really like to read this book. It sounds great. Thanks.


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