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Book Review: Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen

Angel with Attitude
by Michelle Rowen
Warner Forever
367 pages
ISBN: 9780446616997

I read Bitten and Smitten (my review here), Michelle's first book so when her second book, Angel with Attitude became available to me on Bookmooch, I jumped on it. I'm not really a reader of paranormal romance outside of the vampire genre but surprisingly I really enjoyed this book.

Valerie Grace, a fallen angel kicked out of Heaven for no apparent reason has to find a way back or be stuck on Earth for 70 years. She has to fight her very own Tempter, tall dark and incredibly handsome, Nathaniel whose job it is to make sure she never makes it back to Heaven her only help sems to come from her friend turned rat, Freddy.

The antics in this story really kept me going, the witch, Claire who works at McDonald's and the dialogue between Freddy and Val was great...really funny! I wasn't bored with this book and appreciated that it wasn't full of sex like most romances seem to be today. It ende…

Back from the Beach!!

Wheewww I'm back from the beach!! It seems like I've been away from my blog for ages!!! It has been 10 days!! Since I left the beach at 3:30AM this morning I won't be doing a book review today...I'm just waaaayyyy too exhausted! I'll be back up and running full speed tomorrow with more reviews!

By the way...I totally didn't read ANYTHING while I was at the beach! Yeah I know right?! I took 8 books and didn't get to start on one!!!! For starters it was over 90 degrees most of the time so I stayed in the water and when I wasn't in the water I was in the car and I get VERY carsick if I read sooooo...yeah you get the picture! I don't think I'll be going on vacation again this summer so check back often for new book reviews and updates!

Happy Summer,


Book Review: Vampire Diaries The Fury and Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion
by L. J. Smith
Harper Teen, 2007, 520 pages
ISBN 9780061140983

Okay I'll admit it, I jumped on the vampire bandwagon by reading Twilight early last year and have since been hooked. Since the popularity of Twilight is ever increasing, it seems that there are many new authors writing in the paranormal/vampire romance genre. I've read a lot of the newest releases and am happy to say, for the most part I enjoyed them. When I see a vampire book at the store that looks interesting I go home and put it on my Bookmoochwishlist with hopes that it will soon become available to I'm too poor to buy every book that I would like to purchase at the bookstore. When I saw The Vampire Diaries I thought, "Oh, another new book...looks interesting." I was shocked when I received it however, to learn that it was first published in 1991, nearly 15 years prior to Twilight!! Needless to say I got right down to it and started the books im…

Blog Tour June 15-19 : Tour de Force by Elizabeth White

Thanks to Ruth at This That and the Other Thingfor introducing me to and Tina for all the wonderful information about the tour for Elizabeth White's novel, Tour de Force! As I haven't yet received the book I can't do a review, but you can be sure that I will post my thoughts soon, so be sure to check back often!

Elizabeth White is the author of Controlling Interest, Off the Record, Fair Game, Fireworks, and the Texas Gatekeepers series for Steeple Hill’s Love Inspired Suspense line. She lives in Mobile, Alabama.

Learn more about Elizabeth at her website:

Tour de Forceby Elizabeth White.Gillian Kincade is a soloist with Ballet New York, a sought-after guest artist, and a committed Christian. Though she may be an anomaly in the world of dance, Gilly believes her devotion to God isn’t compromised by following her dreams. Then she meets Jacob Ferrar.Jacob is the brilliant young artistic director of the Birmingham Ballet Theatre and …

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday

My Friend Amy asks this question:

How do you feel about speculative fiction in general and specifically how do you feel about Christian speculative fiction? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you see to Christian speculative fiction?

My Response:

I know a lot of people who read Christian fiction simply because it doesn't contain pervasive language or explicit sexual content, and not necessarily for the spiritual message . I have to admit it's one of the reasons why I started reading it. I think if an author can include a faith message in a romance or mystery, why not in a sci-fi book? Let's face it, a lot of the Christian fiction on the market are many guys do you know that want to read that??!! So a Christian sci-fi or speculative fiction book (which I think tends to lean more towards men) may be some of the only good stories out there for the men to read.

Also I read a lot of vampire fiction so I agree with Amy that if you would introduce J…


Wooooohooooo!!! 2008-2009 has been a great year for my favorite sports teams the six time Super Bowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers and now the Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins!!!! Wow...what a season!!! Earlier in the year it didn't look like the Pens were even going to make it to the playoffs, but thanks to the leadership of coach Dan Bylsma and Captain Sydney Crosby WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! What a job by goalie Marc Andre Fleury blocking those fierce last second shots and Forward Maxime Talbot getting Pittsburgh their 2 goals! In the words of Mike Lange (Pens announcer in Pittsburgh), "Elvis has just left the building!"Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins! What a great time to live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, who can ask for more than two championship trophy's in the same year?

FINAL SCORE: Pittsburgh Penguins 2
Detroit Red Wings 1


Courting the Doctor's Daughter by Janet Dean
Steeple Hill, May 2009, 280 pages

As you know I'm a big fan of the mass market romances that you can buy at the drugstore for 5 dollars, in these difficult financial times, who isn't (go here)??? I read mostly historical romances so when Steeple Hill introduced the Love Inspired Historical line in February 2008, I was thrilled! I think I've read most of them and enjoyed just about all of 'em. Janet Dean's, Courting the Doctor's Daughter was no exception! Thank you Janet for sending me the signed copy!!!

This story is the sequel to Janet's first book, Courting Miss Adelaide (which I haven't read) but it can be a stand alone book. Doctor's Daughter is the story of Mary Graves, her three sons, and a doctor turned peddler, Luke Jacobs. Being a doctor's daughter, Mary is naturally suspicious of anyone touting a "cure-all" elixir and immediately confronts Luke while fighting the instant attractio…


The Rescue by Lori Wick
Harvest House Publishers, 2002, 297 pages

For some reason I don't really care too much for Lori Wicks' books (I'm probably one of a few) but it could be because I read The Rescue before I read any of her other books and they just didn't compare!

The Rescue is a regency period romance between Anne Gardiner and Robert Weston. Anne literally falls for Robert Weston and is forced by her feeble-minded father to marry the complete stranger who rescued her! Anne is such a sweet and innocent girl it's hard not to like her and Weston is such a kindhearted gentleman, I'm half in love with him myself!!!!Of course it's a romance so we know what happens in the end but what happens in between is a terrifically sweet, romantic development.

I have a soft spot for romances where the characters enter an arranged or hasty marriage and wind up in love. This story does not disappoint. If you are a fan of regency romance and amusing characters, I recommendthi…

I'm back...with a CONTEST LINK!!!

Hi I'm FINALLY back home...for A few days anyways! My OBX weekend starts on June 20th so my blog posts may not be as frequent that week! BUT for now I have some great news for fans of Stephenie Meyer! My Friend Amy's Blog is giving away up to FIVE copies of The Host if you leave a comment within the next few days! Please stop by her blog and comment to win! Good luck!!!

Busy in Ohio!

Hello all,

I'm sorry I neglected to tell yinz guys (I'm from Southwestern Pennsylvania so I'm allowed to use "Pittsburghese") that I'll be out of town until June 8thsooooo I won't be able to keep up my blog this week! June is going to be a very busy month for me, as the weekend of June 20th I'll be leaving again for a week, but this time for a relaxing vacation at OBX!!! Woohoo!!! I will be posting some reviews next week so be sure to look for those! I'm not sure what books they will be but I'm hoping they'll be terrific reads! Plus, when I return from OBX I'm sure I'll have a few more reviews to post as I'll be reading while I'm working on my tan...errr...well sunburn :-P So look for me then! Til then best wishes, for a great Summer reading season!

Love ya,