Courting the Doctor's Daughter by Janet Dean
Steeple Hill, May 2009, 280 pages

As you know I'm a big fan of the mass market romances that you can buy at the drugstore for 5 dollars, in these difficult financial times, who isn't (go here)??? I read mostly historical romances so when Steeple Hill introduced the Love Inspired Historical line in February 2008, I was thrilled! I think I've read most of them and enjoyed just about all of 'em. Janet Dean's, Courting the Doctor's Daughter was no exception! Thank you Janet for sending me the signed copy!!!

This story is the sequel to Janet's first book, Courting Miss Adelaide (which I haven't read) but it can be a stand alone book. Doctor's Daughter is the story of Mary Graves, her three sons, and a doctor turned peddler, Luke Jacobs. Being a doctor's daughter, Mary is naturally suspicious of anyone touting a "cure-all" elixir and immediately confronts Luke while fighting the instant attraction between them. What Mary doesn't know is Luke's secret, which will affect her life and her family's forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story simply because it had a lot more conflict between the characters and dealt with blame and guilt from the pasts of both Mary and Luke and the true remedy from the Great Physician. Janet did a wonderful job describing the hurt and pain but also the love between family and brought it together nicely in the end. This is a nice book to read while you're on vacation or on break between classes, I might just read it again myself this week when I go to the beach or at least, make my cousin read it :-P

To find out more about Janet and her books visit:
Her blog at Cup of Faith


  1. Thanks, Renee, for your lovely review of Courting the Doctor's Daughter. And for being an avid reader and fan of historicals, also my favorite books!



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