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Spring Is Here!!!!

Yay, I'm so excited the daffodils are finally blooming and the wind has lost its bitter chill! I just hope the sun shines more than the rain clouds show their faces. Living in PA tends to lend itself to more rain than sun,,,let's hope it's different this year! I LOVE the sun! Bring it on!!!!!
Hi all!!

I found ANOTHER great new book trading site! It's called Bookmooch, best of all it's free to be a member! To start you need to add at least 10 get 1/10th of a point for each of those books plus 1/10th each for any more that you add. It takes 1 point to request a book from someone and if someone requests a book from you, you get a point! All you pay for is the cost to ship your books out, check it out at the link below!

A great Website!!

Hi everyone!

Well I thinks it's time I told you guys about the site that I'm SOOOO addicted too! It's called swaptree! It's an awesome site and it's totally free to be a member! If you are a bookworm like me or if you watch a lot of movies, play video games, or listen to cd's you should really check this site out! The basic premise is you swap books, cd's, video games, or dvds that you have already watched, played, or whatever for movies, books, cd's or games that you would like to have! I've been doing it since Oct. 08 and I LOVE it! Just a warning though, once you start you'll get addicted!

Here's the link so you can see if swaptree is something you might like to do!

Coco Wheats...the Creamy Hot Cereal with the Cocoa treat!

Ok this is so weird but do any of you guys have any really obscure foods that you like that it seems no one has heard of or are very hard to find in the stores! Well I have one and it's called Coco Wheats! I love it so much I named my dog after it! It's like Cream of Wheat (which is NASTY by the way) but it's chocolate flavored! I mean who doesn't like chocolate cereal? None of my friends have ever heard of it! They're missing out when they eat their plain old Oatmeal for breakfast when they can have the chocolatey goodness that is Coco Wheats!!! :-D

American Idol

Ok so I'm watching American Idol, who doesn't right? Not too many this season have caught my eye...err make that EAR, except for Scott! He is so cool, has a great voice and has an inspiring story! I think he's a good example of what an American Idol should be, overcoming obstacles to get to the top!! I like Anoop too, hahaha he's got that dorky side that's endearing along with a soulful voice that you don't expect! Well back to my Idol watching!! :-D

Spring is on its way!

Yay, it's going to be 60 degrees this weekend!!! Woohoo can you tell I'm sick of winter? Yeah I'm a warm weather kind of person! Haha but in the summer I'll be complaining on here that I'm too hot, it's too humid, I have sun burn, etc.

What's your favorite thing about Spring? I love seeing all of the baby animals and the daffodils! I like the daffodils because they seem to pop up out of nowhere with their bright sunshine yellow (and sometimes white) blooms! The birds always come and build a nest right outside my front door on the post of my porch! It can be messy sometimes but it's nice to hear the baby birds peeping for their parents! Come on Spring get here soooon!!

What I'm Reading..

Right now I'm reading an inspirational saga by BJ Hoff, a Christian author, called Song of Erin. So far it's really interesting! I thought Id read something with an "Irish" theme since it is March and St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us! If you have any suggestions for good reading let me know! I'm always looking for new reading material :-)

Check out BJ's books

My first blog!!!

Wow this is the first time I've ever attempted a blog! HAHA I just got my own computer last year! I'm wayyyy behind on technology! Oh well :-) If you have any suggestions let me know!!

This is Coco my collie puppy!!