Wooooohooooo!!! 2008-2009 has been a great year for my favorite sports teams the six time Super Bowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers and now the Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins!!!! Wow...what a season!!! Earlier in the year it didn't look like the Pens were even going to make it to the playoffs, but thanks to the leadership of coach Dan Bylsma and Captain Sydney Crosby WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! What a job by goalie Marc Andre Fleury blocking those fierce last second shots and Forward Maxime Talbot getting Pittsburgh their 2 goals! In the words of Mike Lange (Pens announcer in Pittsburgh), "Elvis has just left the building!"Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins! What a great time to live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, who can ask for more than two championship trophy's in the same year?

FINAL SCORE: Pittsburgh Penguins 2
Detroit Red Wings 1


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