Book Review: Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen

Angel with Attitude
by Michelle Rowen
Warner Forever
367 pages
ISBN: 9780446616997

I read Bitten and Smitten (my review here), Michelle's first book so when her second book, Angel with Attitude became available to me on Bookmooch, I jumped on it. I'm not really a reader of paranormal romance outside of the vampire genre but surprisingly I really enjoyed this book.

Valerie Grace, a fallen angel kicked out of Heaven for no apparent reason has to find a way back or be stuck on Earth for 70 years. She has to fight her very own Tempter, tall dark and incredibly handsome, Nathaniel whose job it is to make sure she never makes it back to Heaven her only help sems to come from her friend turned rat, Freddy.

The antics in this story really kept me going, the witch, Claire who works at McDonald's and the dialogue between Freddy and Val was great...really funny! I wasn't bored with this book and appreciated that it wasn't full of sex like most romances seem to be today. It ended well with an unexpected twist that made it very interesting. I wish this wasn't a stand-alone novel...can't wait to read her next book with similar characters, a young adult novel called Demon Princess: Reign or Shine.


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