O Happy Day!

In case you didn't know I'm a huge football fan and the NFL lockout was really killing me. The thought of having to live without football, especially Steelers football, for AN ENTIRE YEAR nearly did me in. The past week or so has been full of talk between owners, players and the commish himself, Roger Goodell and I was getting excited that a collective-bargaining agreement could be reached. Low and behold an agreement was reached and I could breath easier! Whew! Just in time for training camp. So in case you wanted to know I'm posting links to the Steelers training camp schedule (more complete info at a later date) and the regular season game schedule for you. :-)

2011 Pre and Regular Season (Times subject to change due to flex scheduling)

I know it's going to be a great year for the Steelers and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the rookies in action for the first time and the returning veterans.

Go Steelers!!!!!



  1. Girl, I am so happy for you, but life will not be complete until the NBA lockout is over! I'm hoping that their season will start on time, or it's bad news down South where the Grizzlies had a fantastic end to last season. Oh, well...too bad they don't ask our opinion, right? :o)

  2. Your love for football cracks me up! I was in marching band for 4 years in high school and was forced to sit through the footballs...and I still don't understand the game. :)

  3. Oh Christy I'm sorry for you! You're in the same boat as I was a few weeks ago I guess since I know you're such a huge hoops fan. I hope the season starts on time for you!!!

    LOL Sara, yeah I love my football but then again all Pittsburghers do I think. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee


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