A Classic Romance, Updated: My Review of Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught

Whitney, My Love
by Judith McNaught
E-book published November 2016
Originally published in 1985
(e-book cover shown)
ISBN: 9781501145438

The Story:
Whitney, My Love stands as Judith McNaught's timeless bestseller -- a novel so rich with laughter, tears, and the power of dreams that millions of readers have returned to it again and again to savor its beauty and majesty. Under the dark, languorous eyes of Clayton Westmoreland, the Duke of Claymore, Whitney Stone grew from a saucy hoyden into a ravishingly sensual woman. Fresh from her triumphs in Paris society, she returned to England to win the heart of Paul, her childhood love . . . only to be bargained away by her bankrupt father to the handsome, arrogant duke. Outraged, she defies her new lord. But even as his smoldering passion seduces her into a gathering storm of desire, Whitney cannot -- and will not -- relinquish her dream of perfect love.

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My Thoughts:
This was my first time reading a book by Judith McNaught, even though she's been a published author for longer than I've been on this earth. That said, Whitney, My Love is a novel that was written over 30 years ago, when popular romance was a little different than it is today. The heroes tend towards the Rhett Butler alpha male types rather than the more sensitive Darcy hero.

I like an alpha male, but Clayton Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore wasn't just a strong presence, but a terrible bully! The romance trope of a lady taming a wild, burly cad is all well and good, but this dude didn't even recognize that he was a piece of work. He was the same old bully at the end of the book. Ugh. Did I mention he basically raped Whitney? Sorry. That is NOT romance material. At. All. I just read A Kingdom of Dreams which is a prequel to Whitney, My Love, and thankfully the hero was a little less of a predator. Still a jerk, but not quite as bad as Clayton.

I actually really like Whitney even though she was quite a bit childish and a bit of a flirt. She had at least two proposals that I can remember -- one she should have accepted instead of Clay's in my opinion! From what I read, there is a sequel and a novella that wrap up this series nicely. I actually like Ms. McNaught's writing style, so I'm hoping the other Westmoreland men are more likeable than Clay!

~ My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ~

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  1. A friend of mine told me this was her favorite book so I read it. I didn't care for it. I thought Whitney was a victim of Stockholm Syndrome! And that rape scene, yuck!


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