What to Watch: A Reminder & Another New Series to Watch Now!

In this edition of Black ‘n’ Gold Girl’s What to Watch, I give you a reminder and a new series to watch in the meantime. The reminder: Sanditon airs on PBS this Sunday at 9 PM EST. I beg of you, set your alarm or your DVR to catch this delicious series. Yes, the ending leaves a lot to be desired but the rest is so Austen and a romantic’s delight. Andrew Davies and crew captured the true essence of regency seaside life in this first tv adaptation on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. Theo James as Sidney Parker is a dish in a cravat and Rose Williams brilliantly captures the naïveté of Charlotte as she explores the world outside her small town.

If you can’t wait until Sunday for something new and interesting to watch, might I suggest you turn to Netflix and the three part Dracula miniseries? The only thing it has in common with Sanditon is that it’s British and based on a novel. It goes without saying that it’s bloody and a bit horrifying, but it’s from the creators of Sherlock, so it’s also quite intriguing. Did I mention that our main man is brought to life on screen by the fabulous Claes Bang? It’s the first I’ve actually seen of the actor, but he’s officially my favorite Dracula. There are a few familiar faces (and costumes!) from the Sherlock series too, so that’s also fun! Warning: the trailer contains graphic horror content.

Let me know what you’re watching this weekend and your thoughts on either of the shows. I’d love to hear from you here or via my Twitter @steelergirl83! Happy Friday!


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