Christian Fiction with Sizzle: The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund

The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund
Copyright 2011
Bethany House Publishers
384 pages
ISBN: 9780764208331
Historical Fiction
Christian fiction that sizzles--you might be thinking, "Huh? Is there such a thing?" Well I'm very glad to say that there is! It seems with all the great new authors popping up on the Christian fiction scene there's a new trend towards more "realistic" romance. Don't get me wrong I love a "sweet" story as much as the next gal but I also love a romance with a bit more conflict (who doesn't argue with a loved one?) and a bit of passion (what good is a relationship/marriage without it?) as long as it's tastefully done.

There are quite a few talented new authors that combine great stories of faith with awesome messages and have the ability to weave a toe-tingling romance throughout. One of these inspy writers is Jody Hedlund. You might think with titles such as The Preacher's Bride and The Doctor's Lady (a story of a missionary couple) there isn't going to be much in the way of a romance but let me tell you if you think that you will be as gladly mistaken as I certainly was.

With her sophomore release Hedlund has proven that she is indeed an author to watch. I thought that The Preacher's Bride was amazing but The Doctor's Lady has more than passed my expectations and earned spot in my permanent collection. With her ability to pull you in with just a few lines and that instantaneous tension between Eli and Priscilla I couldn't help but read the entire book in less than a day. The story runs the gamut of emotions from fear, shock, anger, to humor and love but it doesn't end with an unrealistic happily ever after. It leaves you feeling a sense of hope for Priscilla and her family.

Every second of this story is a joy to read and I recommend it to anyone who likes romance. The only thing I didn't like about this book was that it had to end. Jody Hedlund has captured the spirit of the American frontier in the most compelling of ways. I really hope that I don't have to wait a year before Jody's next book!

To learn more about Jody visit her WEBSITE

*I received my complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for posting my honest review.*



  1. I LOVED this book, and while I didn't read it in the span of one day, I came awfully close! So eager now to read The Preacher's Bride...can't believe I've waited this long. :o)

    P.S. Are you trying a new format for your reviews? If so, like-like-like! :o)

  2. Wow!! This sounds even more amazing than I was hoping! I just got this one today and I can't wait to read it!

  3. Ooh, I like that word..."sizzle!" I'll have add this book to my list, it sounds great.

  4. I gotta say Christy that this one is my favorite but I did love The Preacher's Bride too.

    Carrie I hope this book gives you faith in the CF genre again. :-P

    Sara it's definitely worth reading!


  5. Oh yeah thanks Christy! I've been "testing" different review formats to see which one works best. I was getting tired of the same ol' same ol' and I'm sure you guys were too!

    XOXO~ Renee

  6. Awesome review. I LOVED this book. My favorite historical fiction of this year!! :-D

  7. Hi Renee, THANK YOU for your incredible review!! I'm so honored to fall into your "sizzling" category! Love that word! Maybe we should have a new genre in historical romance with that? ;-)

    And thanks everyone else for your very kind words about my books! I just wish I could hug you all! :-)

  8. Oh yeah, this one had some sizzle. I really liked it. I didn't read Preacher's Bride for book club, but I will definitely be reading it before December for INSPYs. Looking forward to it.


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