All-American Romance: Come A Little Closer by Dorothy Garlock

Come A Little Closer by Dorothy Garlock
Copyright 2011
Grand Central Publishing
390 pages
ISBN: 9780446540155
My Thoughts:
I absolutely adore fiction set in the 1940s. Dorothy Garlock best-known for her American romance never disappoints with her timeless stories of love. Her latest novel from Grand Central Publishing entitled Come A Little Closer blends the turmoil of a nation recovering from war with a touch of small town and romance.

Christina Tucker a former nurse in Worl War II longs to continue her career helping people heal both physically and mentally so she agrees to take a position helping Dr. Samuel Barlow at his general practice. If she survives the trip to her new home she just may be able to fulfill her dreams. When Christina unexpectedly meets the doc's two nephews her desire to help goes beyond nurse/patient kinship and she must decide between two intriguing brothers both with their own shares of baggage.

If you're at all familiar with Ms. Garlock's stories you know that simple settings and complex romance are her style. In Come A Little Closer she delivers just that. While it was a bit frustrating that everything seemed to happen so quickly between Christina and the Sutter brothers, it was still enjoyable. Two antagonists who were completely unrelated but equally insane made for some very interesting situations for the Miss Tucker and the entire Barlow/Sutter family. I've come to the conclusion that romances feature some of the creepiest characters and Garlock's villains definitely get under your skin in a not-so-good way. This is a general market romance so there is a love scene but nothing over the top and some strong language but not so much that it turned me off to the story.

~3.5 out of 5 stars~

From the publisher:
America's Heartland, 1946. World War II has ended, and everyone is pursuing peacetime's bright promise with fresh energy and hope. Newly-arrived in a small Wisconsin town, Christina Tucker now dares to chase her long-cherished dreams: put her wartime nursing skills to use and reconnect with country life. But helping a shell-shocked veteran recover soon tests her determination and disturbs town memories best left buried. She has no choice but to turn to her patient's seemingly-irresponsible brother, Tyler Sutter. A restless ex-soldier, Tyler can't believe this pretty ladylike nurse can heal his family. Yet as Christina begins to understand Tyler's own fears, the two grow close, then closer still-as a terrible secret sparks one man's violent, vengeful spree. With both the guilty and innocent alike in harm's way, Tyler and Christina must face all their fears . . . or never live to see the future.

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* I received my complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for posting my honest review.* 


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