A Seriously Suspense Filled Story: Attracted to Fire by Diann Mills

Attracted to Fire by Diann Mills
Copyright 2011
Tyndale Publishers
410 pages
ISBN: 9781414348643
My Thoughts:
When it comes to romance Julie Lessman is queen, when it comes to fairy tales nobody weaves a tale like Melanie Dickerson but when it comes to suspense DiAnn Mills is your gal! In her latest Lone Star state romantic drama, DiAnn takes on the Secret Service and a killer with an agenda that could affect the state of the nation. With her trademark for writing a "good" bad guy and ability to keep a reader guessing Attracted to Fire is sure to please. I love her characters too but the hero prevented me from enjoying this story as much as I could have. Ash was too much of a jerk for me to like him anymore than a little even though he does improve by the conclusion of the story. The chemistry between Ash and Meghan felt forced. I think it would have been more natural for a friendship to develop rather than a full blown romance. If you're looking for a great romance you might want to pass on this but if you're looking for drama and an adrenaline rush I'd say this could be the book for you! Even though this wasn't an all-time favorite I still enjoyed it enough to recommend it to fans of the suspense sub-genre of Christian fiction books.

~3.5 out of 5 stars~

About the book:
Special Agent Meghan Connors’ dream of one day protecting the president of the United States is about to come true. Only one assignment stands in her way. After the vice president’s rebellious daughter is threatened, Meghan is assigned to her protective detail on a secluded ranch in West Texas. Unfortunately, working with Special Agent in Charge Ash Zinders may be as tough as controlling her charge. Ash has a reputation for being critical and exacting, and he’s also after the same promotion as Meghan. But when the threats escalate and security on the ranch is breached, it becomes clear this isn’t the work of a single suspect—it’s part of a sophisticated plan that reaches deeper and higher than anyone imagined. And only Ash and Meghan can put the pieces together before it’s too late.

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* I received my complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for posting my honest review.*


  1. My mother read this one a while back. I think she liked it but it wasn't her most fav romantic-suspense novel (she is a huge fan of that genre). Now, I need to read it ASAP. =D

  2. Rissi! Hope you like it! BTW I love how each time you leave a comment your Blogger icon is different...they're always so fun!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. RENEE!!! Thanks for crowning me "queen" ... uh, now will you tell the rest of the CBA??? ;)

    Soooo appreciate the plug, my friend -- you're a sweetheart!

    I wish you and yours a healthy, happy and holy holiday season!


  4. The story was a definite page-turner as you gather information along with the lead couple. I enjoyed getting to know Ash & Megan. Their relationship seemed very natural. I enjoyed how Megan handled Lindsey and encouraged her to trust in the One who cares most for her. Getting a glimpse into the life of a secret agent was very interesting as it's something I've not really thought about. Would you be willing to take a bullet for someone? I liked how the author keeps the story at a steady pace until right near the end. I couldn't turn pages fast enough. The story felt true to life with all it's ups and downs. Along with some very tense moments there is also some great humor. I really like that. If you like a good romantic suspense then you won't want to miss Attracted to Fire.


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