Kindle Freebie Alert: Bleeding Heart by Amber Stokes

For a very limited time (Sept. 9 - 12), Bleeding Heart by my good friend Amber Stokes is available FREE for Kindle! I encourage you to check out this great book on Amazon and if you love it, leave a review! If e-books aren't your thing, you can purchase a paperback copy for just $9.49 (price subject to change). Either way, Bleeding Heart is a lovely debut Christian novel that's worth a read! Remember, to double check prices before you buy!

Bleeding Heart 
by Amber Stokes
Copyright 2013

To learn more about Bleeding Heart or the author go HERE.

If you want to check it out, my review of Bleeding Heart is located HERE.

Happy Reading!


  1. Renee!! *Big hugs* Thank you for helping me to spread the word - really appreciate it! :D


  2. Thank you for this wonderful offer! For some reason, though, it is not working properly for me. I hope others are able to get it to work. :)

    1. It seems it worked after all! The book is in my Kindle library. Thanks! :)

    2. I'm so glad it worked! I hope you enjoy!

    3. Yay, Suko! Glad you got it to work. :) Thanks for downloading!



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