Like Cats and Dogs...

Oreo says, "Cats hating dogs is too mainstream. I share my personal space and my organic kibble with canines."

 photo 96e54cc3-854d-4aef-aae4-4839c82b92a9_zpsc76d9e7a.jpg


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    1. I know I posted a pic similar to this earlier in the year, but I couldn't resist snapping another one the other day. They are just too cute. They love the camera LOL!

  2. They are too cute! I want my cat and dog to snuggle on the couch together.

  3. Most of the time it's the cat snoozing right smack dab in the middle of the bed so there's no room for the dog to squeeze on. She's too nice to do anything, so usually she'll just lay on the floor beside the cat and stare at him till he moves! LOL!


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