Happy 50th, Ford Mustang!

On this day in 1964 the sports car scene was forever changed with the introduction of the fun and affordable pony car that appealed to almost everyone in every age group from moms to young men. What kind of Mustang fan would I be if I didn't post in recognition of the Ford Mustang's 50th Birthday? What a milestone. It would be shameful to leave the day pass without recognizing the car that, in my opinion, is Ford's greatest achievement since the Model T. The Mustang is truly an American Icon.

The Mustang has only gained millions of devotees in the half century it has been around, me being one of them! I can still remember taking a clipping featuring the new SN-95 Mustang from the Parade magazine in the early 90s to school and passing it around class only to have it confiscated by the teacher! Mind you, this was a big deal since I neeeeever got in trouble in school. I was always the quite one, but somehow the Mustang brought out a different side. ;-) Ever since that time, I've never strayed, the Mustang has always been my favorite. I may or may not still have a poster I got in high school of the Mustang on my wall, and I may or may not still have dozens of Hot Wheels and Matchbox Mustangs that I collected as a kid. Hee hee!

So here's to 50 more years of Ford Mustang and to the freedom and adventure that is the pony car spirit! Happy Birthday, Mustang!

My first love -- my 1990 Mustang! 

 photo 7ef1d2a9-c368-486b-8cda-0e3f00b835be_zps1960dcc9.jpg
1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0L, V8 convertible


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