(P)interesting Finds: Recipe Edition

Confession: I'm a Pinterest addict. It's true, so much so that I probably need an intervention. But do I really need an intervention if my friends and family benefit from my time spent on the site? Maybe not. Pinterest is just plain fun. I really don't know what I did before I found the site. How did I keep track of all those recipes, find great new clothes to add to my wardrobe, and bombard all my friends with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston photos? Hehehe.

However, not everything looks fun or easy, some of the things on Pinterest look iffy. Take for example the marbled nail polish that's popping up every where... yeah, I think it might take an expert to do that and I'm certainly not a mani/pedi pro. I'd hate to tell my mum that I was going to help her with a great new manicure only to end up with a smeared, goopy mess. She'd probably toss me out of the house! Kidding... my mom's totally cool, but still, why take the risk? I've tried a few Pinterest projects before like the bleach t-shirts and the Doctor Who Adipose stuffed monster, but I've never really shared my process or thoughts on my Pinterest experiences in detail, so I thought it was about time I did so.

That said, we all love food and if you're like me, I think most of you probably can't stop eating fried chicken. I still haven't found the perfect fried chicken recipe, but last week I found one that is pretty darn near close to heaven! It's just a tad too salty (the recipe calls for 3 TBSP) for my family's tastes, but the next time I'm going to cut back on the salt and hopefully the natural taste of the buttermilk, spices, and the chicken shines through. If you have the time, this recipe involves marinading over night, this is a pretty awesome dinnertime treat! Here's the link to my pin of the "Almost Famous Fried Chicken" recipe from the Southern Bite website as well as the link to Stacey Little's original recipe, so you and your family can try it for yourself!

Step one: The marinade

Easy peasy! Just buttermilk, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic powder, and a dash of hot sauce.

Step two: Coat with flour and fry it up.

Step three: Enjoy!

Don't forget, you can find the entire recipe on Southern Bite!

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Have any Pinterest project success stories? Please share in the comments. :)

Happy Eating!


  1. Happy eating is right--that chicken looks so tasty! I am not on Pinterest, but it is a very nice site! :)

    1. Hi, Suko! Let me be the first to warn you, if you ever decide to join, it's so addicting! :-)

  2. Sounds awesome. I should try this with some fish I have pending in my fridge. FUN share. I hope you do more of these.

    1. Thanks, Juju! I plan on sharing more of my Pinterest projects in the future, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I'll bet this would be great on fish! Definitely let us know how it goes if you give it a try!


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