Shopping for Vintage: Flapper Style (Part 2) SUCCESS!

A few weeks back, I posted about beautiful, vintage couture flapper dresses. At almost 100 years old, there are few that survived. If you're lucky enough to find something that isn't completely shattered or moth-eaten, it's more than likely a very small size. People just seemed to have thinner physiques way back when. I was not blessed with the trendy petite frame of the '20s gal, but I fit in more along the lines of the curvy 50s bombshell criteria. Searching for a flapper dress to fit a... eh hem...busty girl was no easy task. With a budget of measly $100 the results promised to be even more limited. 

One day while perusing eBay for what felt like the millionth time, I stumbled across a little gem in what looked to be a pawn shop's virtual store that was otherwise filled with video games and glassware and nonesuch. With shipping, the dress was a little over my budget, but thanks to the "Make Offer" button, I was able to get a true vintage Roaring Twenties dress with a 50" inch bust below my budget! Hello! When nearly ever dress I drooled over was a 34" max at the top or marked with a 6 thousand dollar price tag, the thought of ever finding a dress that would still give me that loose, straight silhouette without breaking the bank was giving me depression.

After the agooooonizing wait of three days for shipping across the country, the dress finally arrived and it was ...SQUEE...nearly perfect! In case you know nothing about vintage, clothing that hasn't been cleaned or stored properly has a tendency to shatter, especially under the arms. Yes, we girls tend to "glow", don't we?Dresses of this age are very difficult to find without damage or staining and this had nil. Wow. Did I get lucky or what? Aside from some minor bead loss and a little damage to the inner lining, it fit great and I can't wait to wear it to the 20s themed bachelorette party I'm throwing in August for my best friend, Melissa. 

*In case you were wondering, the pictures I took were edited a bit. Black fabric is a pain in the you know what to photograph -- although, the colors are really this fabulous in person!


  1. It looks gorgeous! I hope the party for Melissa is fantastic.

    1. Thank you, Suko! I hope it is too or I'll be in trouble LOL!

  2. Wow, this is amazing, Renee!! What a find!!

    1. Thank you, Carrie! That means a lot! I know you're a fellow vintage fan. :)


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