Book Giveaway + Review: A Sweet Misfortune by Maggie Brendan

A Sweet Misfortune
(Virtues and Vices of the Old West, Book 2)
by Maggie Brendan
Copyright 2016
ISBN: 9780800722654

The Story:
Rachel Matthews isn't one to rely on others to take care of her. Homeless and alone, she still wants to make her own way and her own money to buy back the family ranch--even if she's forced into the life of a dance hall girl. Horrified by her circumstances, Rachel's brother, who is away mining for gold, sends a friend to rescue her. 

Cattle baron John McIntyre is focused on acquiring as much land as possible in Montana and has little time to deal with a dance hall gal. Rachel isn't sure she can take one more day in John's home--especially once she discovers that he's the one who holds ransom the key to her family's future.

Sparks fly between this spunky, independent heroine and the ruggedly handsome hero as they navigate the snarled terrain of pride, greed, faith, and love in Maggie Brendan's delightful series set in the Old West.

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My Thoughts:
Maggie Brendan pens romances that are reminiscent of the classic westerns by famed Christian writer Janette Oke. In the Christian genre today, the sweet, uncomplicated love stories are something of a rarity. Brendan writes with the spirit of a pioneer who can take one back to the days of the prairie or the Wild West in just a few lines.

A Sweet Misfortune is one of those novels. There is no complex plot or crazy love triangles, just the straight up affection between a stubborn cowboy and his reluctant lady. That said, at times it comes across almost a little too dry. Maybe it's too much pride from John or Rachel's unrealistic, lightning quick acceptance of a perfect stranger kidnapping her from the dance hall, but unfortunately this story stuck in my craw rather than warming the cockles of my heart. However, the female friendships are on par. From the motherly advice of John's grandmother, Estelle, to the sisterly companship of Molly, Rachel wasn't without a great support system. Those types of relationships are something that most of us crave and can relate to.

This may not be my favorite book by Ms. Brendan (try her earlier series'!), but it's certainly worth a look all you lovers of historical romance!

~ My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ~

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  1. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Renee! Thanks for your honest review. I'm glad you enjoyed this book.

  2. I love how you compare her to Janette Oke. It sounds like a sweet story.

  3. I've enjoyed Maggie's other books. Maybe you just weren't in the mood for this book. I think my frame of mind at the moment affects how I feel about books.

  4. I love historical fiction -- that it's Christian too is an added bonus! Enjoyed your review :)

  5. A great review! I have never read one of her books. Thanks for the chance to win

  6. I love Janette Oke, so I'm sure that means I'll enjoy this book as well. I'm a huge fan of historical fiction, especially this time period.

  7. This book sounds fantastic, and I will definitely recommend it to my mom too. We both love Janette Oke.

  8. Sounds interesting. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  9. I have enjoyed the books that I have read of Maggie Brendan's. This book is on my TBR list. I look forward to reading it.

  10. I give all of the Christian fiction books I can find to my grandmother. She loves Jeanette Oke, so I know she'll like this one! I'm also not a fan of love triangles, so I was happy to see your comment in the review.


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