Blog Award: Honest Scrap!

I'm so grateful to Vicki @ Reading at the Beach for choosing me for this award! Thank you Vicki!!!!!

As a part of this award I have to tell you 10 honest things about me and pass the award on to 10 more bloggers!

1. I read too much.
2. I eat way too much pizza!
3. I drink A LOT of Mtn Dew and Dr Pepper (I think I could live on these alone.)
4. Whenever I order iced tea at a resaurant it has to look like a snow globe before I drink it.
5. I don't like talking on the phone...I can never think of anything to say.
6. I'm a pretty good quarterback.
7. I'm addicted to Vampire Diaries (books and tv show)
8. I love chick flicks!
9. I think a good car chase makes a movie!
10. I hate computers.

Now to pass on this great award!
1. Heather @ Gofita's Pages
2. Mimi @ Woven By Words
3. Carman @ A Sequence of Continuos Delights
4. Angie @ Never a Dull Moment
5. Hannah @ Project Journal
6. Sharon @ Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews
7. Jen @ So Many Books...
8. Christy @ Southern Sassy Things
9. Suko @ Suko's Notebook
10. Wendi @ Wendi's Book Corner


  1. Wow! Thank you, Renee! I did receive this award once before (my very first award, from Kim of Writing Space), but not in this dazzling shade of red. I will proudly add it to my collection. Thanks again! :)

  2. Hey thanks! I have received this one but it was a slightly different pic! So I'll be sure add it! And I just love the new info on you! I eat too much pizza too!!!!!

  3. @ Jessica...yeah every time I'm on the computer something goes wrong! Like right now my mouse doesn't work that's why I hate computers LOL!

  4. WOW Renee!!!! Thank you so much! It seems crazy to me that people actually read my blog, much less actually give me awards! : D
    Thanks so much!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much! This is my third award. :D I'm so excited. That you for passing it on to me.

  6. Thank you! :)

    I can understand not liking computers...mine has been driving me nuts today. It's soooo slow!!

  7. Great post! I just won this award as well and have to think of 10 things to put up.

    Dr. Pepper huh? I don't run into to many other people that drink it. My brother and I are like the only 2 people I know that likes it. We drink it all the time.

    Oh, and the car chase has to have a few dings and wrecks with it too.


  8. Renee, thanks so much for this award! That's awesome! I'll post mine tomorrow. I can easily ditto your #1!! :)


  9. Congrats on your award!!

    Pizza & chick flicks ROCK...especially when consumed simultaneously! :p


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