Number One Book on My Wishlist this Year!!!!!!

My favorite writer and good friend Julie Lessman, author of the Daughters of Boston series is preparing for the debut of the first book in her brand new Winds of Change series, A Hope Undaunted to be released this Fall! I am privileged to share the beautiful cover for what is sure to be a beautiful story! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Without further ado here's "Katie" on the cover of A Hope Undaunted!!!!!!!

A Hope Undaunted (Winds of Change, Book 1)
by Julie Lessman
Copyright 2010
Revell Publishers
ISBN: 9780800734152
Historical Romance

As the 1920s come to a close, Katie O'Connor epitomizes "the new woman"---smart and sassy with goals that include a law career and the perfect husband. But when she spends the summer of 1929 with childhood nemesis Luke McGee, Katie faces an unexpected choice: commit to her ideal boyfriend, Jake---or the man she's always despised?



    I tried to post it on my blog, but couldn't get my blog to accept the .pdf file (from Julie's email). UGH!

  2. OH MY WORD!I can't wait read "Undaunted". And I can't believe you got to see the newest cover design! I'm so jealous;~)LOL
    Well, I love ya anyways,

  3. What a cool cover! Isn't that awesome? It so fits Katie. lol I cannot wait to read this book!

  4. RENEE!! "Number one book" on your wishlist ... "favorite writer"??? Whoa, slow down, girl, before my head gets away from me!!! :)

    LORI ... I just resent it to you, sweetie, so hopefully you'll be able to open it this time. And you're sick ... what are you doing up surfing the Web!! :)

    ASHLEY ... oh-oh, now I feel bad I didn't send the cover to you, too, but honestly, I only sent it to the bloggers that made me promise to send it once Revell gave the go-ahead, because you KNOW I would never leave you out, kiddo! :(

    LEE ... I think it fits Katie, too, so I'm glad you agree! And you wanna hear something really weird? I turned to my husband and showed him only the eyes (covered the nose and mouth with my hand) and asked, "Whose eyes do these look like?" He said my daughter's, which is probably true, but they actually look like my eyes A LOT! So much so that another friend even noticed it without me saying anything. I guess that means that that sassy smirky look Katie usually sports in the book comes straight from the author! :)

    Gosh, guys, now I guess I gotta sweat bullets that some of my favorite online friends actually LIKE it ...

    Thanks, Renee, for posting it!!


  5. Wow, this looks so good!! I haven't heard of this one before. I looooove the 20's, so I gotta put this on my to read list. Wasn't I just telling you yesterday that I wanted more American historicals?? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, I just cannot wait!!!! The second I get my hands on this, I already know that whatever else I'm reading will just have to go on the backburner! And I agree with Lee...definitely looks like what I pictured Kate would look like. :o)

  7. Oh, Renee! You beat me to it! JK! I am running right now to my blog and posting the same thing! :)

  8. Another killer cover by Revell! Everything about it - her pose, the colors, her sassy yet sweet expression - are going to make this one fly off the shelves! And we haven't even gotten to what's between the pages yet:) Julie, I hope you're framing these for your office! They really are works of art! Bless you all.

  9. Woo-Hoo! I got it to work! Thanks so much, Julie, for resending it. :)

    I'm feeling a lot better today...thanks to the prayers from all my online friends!


  10. WOOHOO!! Yea!! I'm in the middle of A Passion Redeemed! I'm so gonna have to go get A Passion Denied after I'm done with this one so I can be all caught up. LOVE the cover.

  11. This looks like a your style of book!:)

    Your new blog design is great.


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