My Review: Spring's Renewal (Seasons of Sugarcreek, Book 2) by Shelley Shepard Gray

Spring's Renewal (Seasons of Sugarcreek, Book 2)
by Shelley Shepard Gray
Copyright 2010
310 pages
ISBN: 9780061852367
Contemporary Fiction

From the
Tim Graber arrives in Sugarcreek to help his aunt and uncle with spring planting. At first, Tim doesn't fit in with his many cousins and their crowded lifestyle. But when he meets Clara Slabaugh, the local school teacher, he understands why the Lord brought him to Sugarcreek. Clara is shy and quiet. Scarred from a fire when she was small, Clara has resigned herself to living alone and caring for her mother, who tells her that no man will ever see past her scars, and that Clara needs to keep teaching in order to make ends meet. Her father passed away years ago, and her mother depends on her. But the scars mean nothing to Tim. He appreciates her quiet nature and her wonderful, loving way with children. Yet Tim has a sweetheart back home in Indiana. As these two hearts struggle to determine their path, tragedy strikes, and every other worry seems insignificant in comparison. Though they now face a life they never imagined, will Tim and Clara have the faith to step out and risk everything for a chance at true love?

My Review:

Surprisingly the Amish fiction that I've read thus far has been really good and this latest release in the genre, by Shelley Shepard Gray is no exception! Last year I kind of became burnt out on Amish fiction because it all seemed the same and started to blur together but I'm glad to say that I'm much happier with the releases that are available this year.

Spring's Renewal continues the Seasons of Sugarcreek series set in present day Sugarcreek, Ohio, the heart of Amish country. While introducing a new main character in the shy and quiet Clara Slabaugh we also learn more about Lilly Allen, the pregnant teen who we were introduced to in Winter's Awakening. For that reason I really enjoyed this book. I love it when a series includes a little bit of each characters story in each book of the series and I love it when there are little "teasers" that hook me and make me unable to wait for the next book!

With a sweet romance centered around secrets, scars, faith and family Spring's Renewal is a great read to be enjoyed by fans of Amish fiction and Christian romance. I will definitely be looking for Autumn's Promise when it releases this August.

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  1. Renee, this sound like a touching book. As I have mentioned before, I have never read Amish fiction, but may need to try some soon.

  2. I'm still in the middle of reading her first Amish series, and while it's not earth-shatteringly good, I'm still enjoying them. I'm really anxious to read this series as soon as I can get my hands on them. :o)

    Thanks for posting about my giveaway, too! Sorry that you couldn't enter since you've already read all the books! :o(

  3. Yeah honestly I can say that I didn't care for the first series, I only really liked the first book. However this series seems to be better! I hope you like it if you read it!

    About the's probably a good thing I didn't enter and give your other visitors a chance to win for once. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  4.'re right, Renee!! You seem to have a habit of winning everything I give away! I had forgotten about that! :o)


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