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It's Friday and it's almost 70 degrees so I am a happy camper. Unfortunately not everyone is enjoying such a beautiful day today and many people across the world are coping with sadness and loss in lieu of the earthquakes, tsunamis and floods that have hit areas like Haiti, Australia, and Japan. It's easy to take for granted the comfort and safety we have here in the US but we need to remember that someday it could be us. So the next time you complain about the cold and the snow and the rain just remember Japan and war torn countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and be thankful for what you have! I know I will be thinking twice!

Please remember to donate or help out with the relief efforts in Japan in anyway you can, the Red Cross is always taking donations. If you can't donate or are unable to help, everyone (including you) can say a prayer!


As a dog lover this video really grabbed my heart and made me think, how many of us as humans could say we would do the same thing as this dog did for his friend, standing by him even when he was hurt and risk being hurt or killed ourselves? Something to think about huh?

My favorite moment was around the 2:00 minute mark when the brown and white dog puts his paw around his friend as if to encourage him and let him know that everything will be okay. I tear up everytime I watch this!

I hope you all have a great weekend and be safe!

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  1. Amen gf! Amen! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to think outside of our box.


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