Coco's Birthday Party, Day 4: Interview with Fellow Blogger and Pet Lover, Hannah!

Hannah is a great gal and one of my very first blogger friends, she wrote the answers for this interview while she was sick! Her furry friends are sooo adorable and I hope you think so too! Please be sure to visit Hannah's terrific blog, Project Journal!

What was your first pet?

Our very first pet…brings back fantastic memories : ) Mom and Dad surprised my sister, Alicia, and I with a dog for Christmas one year! Yes, it was a little early a week or so before I think, but it was such a surprise!! Her name was Molly Belle Star lol! She was a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel puppy, black and white with the cutest lil tail you've ever seen! Oh we loved our babygirl so much. We got her from a retired minister who's kids were making him move to be closer with them. It was just him and Molly and he used to feed her half of his sandwich every single day at lunch! LOL! We had to break her from her begging habits lol….Right after we got Molly, our grandparent's heard some meowing that sounded like it was coming from their basement???? They found the most adorable lil kitten in a paper bag in their basement. Just a tiny thing, abandoned on the side of the road and landed in the cellar. We begged Mom sooooooo bad to keep him!! After one week, constant teasing, and our aunts pleads to get him out of their house ; ) we got to bring Buster home!

If you could have any critter in the world as a pet what would you choose?
Oooooo good question! No creepy crawlies….they're….well….creepy!! LOL! And nothing outrageous because that's just insane ;) I'd probably have to be boring and just say a dog or a cat. I love going for walks with our dog, playing in the living room with her, and laying on the floor with her because she'll cuddle lol. And I love having Buster sleep with me at night and keep me company. So I think they're good companions : )

What is your favorite animal?

Favorite??? Oh man…..I have this weird obsession with lemurs bahahahaa! If you haven't seen a picture of one, get right on that! It's your homework from me lol. Those eyes O_O they get me everytime. But I also really like monkeys/apes/gorillas for some reason. I don't really know! And COWS! We looooove cows in our family since my grandparent's used to be Jersey cattle farmers lol.

Do you have any favorite books that feature animals as main characters?

Hmmmm….I'm trying to think of any! Lol! Even though it's really stereotypical and probably a lot of people would expect it, but Charlotte's Web is such a classic. How can you go wrong with Wilbur!? Awww so cute : )

Puppies or kittens?

I think I'd have to say puppies actually. They're just so darn cute!

Favorite pet memory?

That's really hard, just one!? Lol! I guess I like the little things mostly. I'll always remember Molly's favorite toy: her hamburger. Lol….it was a squeaky toy with all the fixin's of a very tasty burger! With our new dog (she's 5 now so not very new, we got her when she was still a baby from the humane society. Our cousin has her brother for a pet, Brady!!), Maddie, I love how she still gets hiccups lol. She's always had them since we first got her : ) And it's adorable! She always, always wants to be with you. She's very protective of her family. We'll always miss Molly, but Maddie was a great replacement for her. We love her just as much J Memories are always being made, Renee, always!

Thank you so much for including me, Renee! I couldn't believe you invited me on lol. But it's been so, so fun. Maddie says a BIG Happy Birthday to Coco and I say it as well!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Coco!! We love you, you cutie, you and your mama too ; ) Lots of *hugs*


Thank you for sharing Hannah! I love your furry babies!

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  1. Hi Hannah!!! :D

    Very fun interview, and I love the pictures! So neat to see two of the most awesome blogging friends together in the same post. ;)


  2. All these sweet posts this week! I'm wanting a cat so bad right now!! ;)

  3. I love that close up cat picture! :) Cute interview and cute animals.

  4. Such cute animals. :) My mom use to have a Cocker Spaniel named Molly too. :) Only she was a blonde cocker.

  5. Love the pics! Fun interview, Hannah and Renee :)

  6. @ Amber- You're so sweet! Thank you so much for stopping by :-)

    @Bluerose- Hehehe that's what we want to do, make people go out and get those cute puppies and kittens that don't have homes! ;-)

    @Sara- I KNOW! That's what I thought when Hannah sent me that pic...sooo cute!

    @Angie- LOVE Cocker Spaniels! Coco's first mom also raises and shows Cokcer Spaniels and they were the "door greeters" whenever we went to look at her collie pups LOL!

    @ Renee Ann- Thanks for visiting this week!

    XOXO~ Renee

  7. Boy each one of those pets has such personality. Adorable pictures Hannah! Thanks for sharing! :)


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