Waiting on Wednesday: Firethorn (Discarded Heroes, Book 4) by Ronie Kendig

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Yes we're not even halfway through 2011 and I already have a book wishlist started for 2012! I know crazy right? Well check out the cover and blurb for the this book and I can almost guarantee that you'll be starting your own 2012 list if you haven't done so already!

Former Marine and current Nightshade team member Griffin Riddell is comfortable. So comfortable he never sees the set up that lands him in a maximum security prison, charged with murder. How will he ever prove his innocence stuck behind iron bars?

Covert operative Kazi Faron is tasked with reassembling Nightshade—the black ops team someone dissected. Breaking Griffin out of a federal penitentiary amid explosive confusion may turn out to be her last assignment. What will it take to convince the fugitive that whoever set him up has also dissected the Nightshade team?

As Kazi and Griffin race to rescue the others and discover the traitor, love begins to awaken in their hearts. Can a covert operative and the felon she’s freed overcome their mutual distrust long enough to save Nightshade? Will anything prepare them for who—or what is coming?


It's not available for preorder yet but if you want to learn more about this great book and the other books in the series visit Ronie's website. Cover and blurb taken from Ronie's blog which you'll want to visit to check out the AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!

Available January 2012 from Barbour Publishers!



  1. January?? January????? I thought this one was avaiable in JULY!

    Or maybe that is a different one??? I can't remember if I've seen that cover... Ack! Ronie is SUCH a tease!

  2. Casey- this is the final book in the series, book 3 Wolfsbane comes out this summer so that's probably the book you're thinking off. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. Ah, yep, okay. That's the one I'm thinking of. :) But I thought there was like...seven books in this series? For some reason I thought I saw a bunch of new titles coming out on the back of her last book in this series...hmm. Thanks!


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