Book Birthday Party, Day Three: Author Trish Perry

Wow what a fun week it has been so far! Is there a better way to spend Hump Day than by celebrating another book birthday? I don't think so! Please make Trish feel right at home here as she's never been a guest on this blog before. We want her to come back right?
Although she's never been a guest I have read one of her books before and I really enjoyed it so I just know that her newest release, Love Finds You on Christmas Morning will be a smashing success!


Love Finds You on Christmas Morning ("Tis the Season") born to Trish Perry and Summerside Press on September 1, 2011.

Two women receive marriage proposals in the same house—eight-five years apart. Love finds a home on Christmas morning in two heartwarming holiday stories.

“Deck the Halls” -by Debby Mayne
In 1925, the wealthy William Tronnier becomes smitten with the lovely but penniless Lillian Pickard. As Christmas descends on the picturesque town of Cary, North Carolina, William plans to make Lillian a proposal she can’t refuse.

“ ’Tis the Season”- by Trish Perry
Nikki Tronnier moves back home in Cary, North Carolina, with plans to buy back the Tronnier family home built by her great-grandfather, William, for his bride, Lillian. But before she is able to make an offer, the handsome Drew Cornell buys the house just before Christmas.

~Available to purchase at Amazon and other booksellers.~


For those who don't know could you tell us a little but about yourself and how you started out as a writer.

I didn't start seriously writing until I had gone back to school as an adult. I had decided to become a counselor, so I got a degree in Psychology. But while I worked on that

degree, I discovered how much I enjoyed writing. At the encouragement of some of my professors, I started taking creative writing courses, and by the time I graduated, I was working on my first novel. I decided against the counseling route and pursued writing instead.
Prior to those efforts I worked for attorneys, for the Securities and Exchange Commission, and as a stockbroker. I also raised my daughter and son, but I'm an empty nester now and writing full time. I'm also training for a regular day job, though (as a courtroom reporter) just to be sure I'll always be able to pay the bills--you can't always count on the writing income to be as steady as you might like!

Since this is a birthday party are there any special b-day memories that you can share with us?

My fiftieth birthday was a big surprise. I didn't really want to celebrate--it wasn't a number I was eager to embrace! But I was so touched when my friends surprised me. One of my friends has a birthday very close to mine, so they all told me we were throwing a surprise party for her. But when I arrived (they even had me bring the bread for the event, just to throw me off), they all jumped out and shocked me. It was disorienting and wonderful. It made me cry.

Could you tell us a little about writing for the Love Finds You Line? For example, did Summerside come to you or did you come to them with an idea for a story? I know there are a ton of people who are fans of this series, myself included and like to know as much as we can!

If I remember correctly, my co-author, Debby Mayne, asked me if I was interested in proposing a two-story set for a LFY Christmas book. I loved the idea. Debby and I had already worked together on Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days, so I knew how well we worked together. And our timing turned out to be perfect. There was a particular aspect of both of our storylines that fit specifically with what Summerside wanted for their 2011 Christmas book. A real God thing!

What would Nikki (lead in “Tis the Season”) wear to this party or better yet what yummy treat would she make for us?

Since it's still pretty warm during September, Nikki would be wearing one of her light, layered, boho chic outfits--probably a short, ruffly skirt, a few thin, layered tops, and wedgy platform sandals.

And maybe she'd make the panna cotta with rose syrup that she made for her eccentric boss, Harvey Fennicle, in Love Finds You on Christmas Morning. An unusual goody for your party!

Feel free to add anything that you want in closing…

I appreciate your making me and my book a part of your celebration, Renee! I look forward to sending a copy of Love Finds You on Christmas Morning to one of your readers!

~Visit Trish @ her gorgeous website! 


Giveaway: One copy of Love Finds You on Christmas Morning to one lucky winner!

~ To be entered fill out the form below. You must do this or you won't be entered. US residents only, ages 13 and up. Void where prohibited. Open until 9/11/11 @ 12:01am.

~ For two bonus entries leave a comment telling us what your favorite thing is about Christmas. Include your first name and last initial in your comment so I can match it with your form entry.



  1. Trish is so fun to have over for interviews! She was one of my first guest for SSM&G, and I loved having her over. :o)

    Another great choice for your Birthday Party Week!

  2. Great giveaway! I would love to win 'Love Finds You On Christmas Morning'!

    frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

    My blog: Christian Bookshelf Reviews

  3. Oooh, a new LFY book!!! (You know how I love these!) :) Thanks for sharing, Trish, and thanks for hosting her, Renee!

    I enjoyed Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe, so I'm looking forward to this new LFY double Christmas book! :)

    As for my favorite part about Christmas, that would be the promise fulfilled and the grace shown in Jesus' coming to earth. :) As far as celebrations go, I just love being with my family, all the decorations, the festivity, the food... It's really hard to narrow this down, Renee!!!


  4. my favourite part of christmas eve mass...i love taking part in it.

    thanks for the chance to read trish's latest novel :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  5. my favorite part of Christmas? Spending Christmas day sitting around the fire with the family. Sure, we eat & open gifts but that time we spend together is the best!

    By the way.. I LOVE the cover & am hoping to win this to give it to my M-I-L for Christmas.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family. And getting to sit around the fire and drink hot chocolate.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This looks amazing. I love books about Christmas.

    Rebecca H.

  8. TRISH!!! Great interview, my friend, and I would LOVE to win this book because I'll go for anything written by you, sweetie.

    FUN birthday week, Renee, so I hope it's your best birthday yet!!


  9. O
    A Christmas book.
    *fingers crossed*
    I hope I win.
    Thanks for the stellar contest.
    I am a huge fan of Christmas.
    My favorite thing? The spirit of giving!
    I love that everyone spends an entire month wanting to give.
    I always go a step further and give to the homeless too.
    One year I did Subway gift cards and passed them out to homeless folks. That way I was buying them a meal.

  10. Hmm, my comment got eaten! :)

    Trish, I LOVE Christmas stories. I love the spirit of optimism and kindness that seems to infect everyone.

    My favorite part of Christmas is our Christmas Eve service at church. It's always so special.

  11. It feels so cold here now that I can really think Christmas! Must look into getting this one for my Kindle!

  12. This looks like a great book! I love Christmas and LFY books so this will be a great read! :)

  13. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Ooooooooooooo I just love it! As you know since I did my blogfest then ;)

    WWelcome, Trish!! It's so wonderful to meet you! I know if Renee recommends you, your writing must be just faaaabulous! So welcome, welcome! Glad you could help this great lady celebrate her birthday! Renee is pretty special ^_^

    As for my favorite part of Christmas? Geezum that is SUCH a hard question, Miss Renee. I love the feeling. There's a feeling of....not quite sure. Togetherness? That might be it. Everyone is happy. You have to put up the tree and look up the lights and all the different ornaments. There's the smells of the tree and the cookies and pies and other goodies. Christmas Eve service with the low lights and songs. Oh there's so much to love : ) I don't think I could just name one!!

    Thank you so much for the offer, Trish! Thank you so much for the party, Renee! HAPPY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hannah C.

  14. My favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas Eve candle light service in which we softly sing Christmas songs. With the lights down and candles lit I can feel God's spirit surrounding me in such peaceful love. God's way of telling me He loves me so!

    I would love to win a copy of Love Finds You on Christmas Morning. I love Christmas stories. I start listening to Christmas music in August and I start reading Christmas stories as soon as they hit the store shelves. No, I'm not crazy..just in love with the season. Jesus is the reason!

  15. Fabulous party, Renee! Happy Birthday! :)

    You know how much I love Christmas romances, AND Trish's books!, so I just had to jump in here with my 2 cents.

    Too many faves for the Christmas season, I'll just list my top three.
    1. Being able to give gifts to my family and friends (I have more fun watching everyone else!) and spending time with them all.
    2. We always help out a family in need.
    3. Collecting lots of Christmas romances to read throughout the year.

    Hello to some familiar faces! I miss seeing everyone :(

    Lori S.

  16. oh how cool!! i love Christmas stories! i can't believe its that time of year to start reading Christmas books!! Thanks, renee!!

  17. Thanks for the giveaway, Renee! I'd say my favorite thing about Christmas is traveling to visit my family on Christmas Day. Even though we don't see each other often, we always make the best memories. :)

    Beth B.

  18. My favorite thing about Christmas is snow (and gifts)!


  19. What isn't there to love about Christmas? fav would be the fellowship with family around all the great holiday smells! :)


    I'm looking forward to this book! :)

  20. I'm mostly looking forward to the smells of Christmas. I just love the smell of Apple Cinnamon candles. In most stores around Christmas, you can walk in the door and smell cinnamon. Love it!!!

  21. As much as I love Christmas I hate winter *shivers* but I am so excited for this book! Thank you so much Trish for being a guest today and thank you Christy, Melanie, Amber, Karen, Gina, Rebecca, Julie, Juju, Erica, Eileen, Marissa, Hannah, Judy, Lori, Carrie, Beth, Julie J and Bluerose for making this party a total blast! Thanks also to those of you "lurkers" who entered. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  22. OOoh I love Christmas stories and this book sounds wonderful. I love everything about Christmas from all the festive decorations to spending time with family and friends. And this year is my new granddaughter's first one so it will be even more special. Gotta love it!!

    countrysunset40 (at) aol dot com

  23. So nice to meet Trish here! Her book is beautiful and gets me in the Christmas spirit - it's only 100 or so more days away, anyway:) Thanks for the great interview. Please exempt me from the drawing as I just wanted to stop and say hi.

  24. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! My favorite thing about Christmas is the one time a year my extended family gets together and we all catch up on each other's lives.


  25. "Thanks also to those of you "lurkers" who entered. ;-)"


  26. ooo yes~ Christmas books! and this one having 2 stories is perfection! the cover is delish!
    thanks Trish for your generosity ~ and for following your call and gifting! every cont'd success...

    and thx, Renee, for a great b'day week!


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