Blog Tour: A Lasting Impression (Belmont Mansion, Book 1) by Tamera Alexander

A Lasting Impression
by Tamera Alexander
Copyright 2011
Bethany House Publishers
432 pages
ISBN: 9780764206221
The hopes and dreams of many Americans were crushed following the Civil War and the nation was never the same. Two very different people, one a forger of fine art and the other an attorney looking out for his employer's best interest, cross paths in post-bellum all in the shadow of Belmont Mansion and its mistress. Can two people from different worlds  set aside their pasts and look ahead to a future of love or will their lives be crushed by lies and deceptions? A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander is truly a work of art.

In this masterfully told story of hope and second chances, the splendor of one of the country's finest homes provides a backdrop for a story that will capture your attention completely. It's a rarity to find a book with such a gorgeous setting let alone one with a cast of characters such as those created by Ms. Alexander. Not only will you hear the fans flapping in the hands of young ladies in Belmont's ballroom but you also feel every emotion and struggle faced by Claire. At times it's a pure nervousness, wondering whether or not Claire's past will be discovered.

If you're a fan of Tamera's previous works this story is very different but her traditional attention to detail and "real" character's are present. With this book Tamera has proven that she's not just a writer of westerns but southern fiction as well. This is no 3-hour quick read but a thick, juicy novel to savor and treasure like a bright, sunny day.

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*I received my complimentary copy through Litfuse Publicity group in exchange for posting this honest review.*


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  1. Glad to hear this book is "different." I just finished another one of Tamera's series and no matter how much I wanted to like it, I just didn't warm to it.

    This cover art is gorgeous and the book sounds good... so I am willing to try another one of her works.

  2. Wonderful review, Renee, and I so agree! I just finished writing my review (to be posted in about an hour, which will be midnight my time!). This is definitely different than her other books but yet trademark Tamera Alexander at the same time, and I loved it!! And I definitely agree that this is "thick, juicy novel to savor" - great way to put it! :)


  3. I thought her last book (Within My Heart) had a different feel to it too, but I loved it. I'm such a huge fan of Tamera Alexander I would follow her anywhere. :)

    I did end up finding a copy of this btw. I missed both Litfuse and CBFA tours of this one, but I did grab it from Bethany House (whew!). Looking forward to reading it.

  4. @ Rissi- I loved her debut, Rekindled and while I enjoyed her other books they never quite measured up...until this one! I hope you like it if you give it a try. :-)

    @ Amber- Glad you liked it! It's definitely one of the best books I've read this year.

    @ Juju- Thanks for your comment, I always appreciate them. :-)

    @ Joy- YAY! I had this on my PBS list for you but I'm so glad you got it. Thanks for letting me know. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee


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