I Heart Time Travel!

Recently it seems as though a theme has come up in my watching and reading habits. I realized last night after I finished reading Cascade (Book 2 in the River of Time series by Lisa Bergren) that I *might* be a bit obsessed with time travel--but for good reason. Time travel is simply fascinating! It's so complex, I can't even begin to understand the "science" behind it but wanting to go back in time is probably something we all wish we could do. How many times have you thought about stopping yourself from wearing those bell bottoms in 1998 or reuniting with a deceased loved one?

As a history lover I've always thought it would be neat to go back to Gettysburg in 1863 to hear Lincoln give the Gettysburg address or to just spend a few days with Jane Austen. I know that I probably wouldn't last 5 minutes without my computer or (gasp!) my daily glass of Mountain Dew but it would still be fun wouldn't it? Well until the TARDIS shows up outside my house I'll have to settle for 2011! In the meantime here are some time travel films, books and a television show that I'm absolutely obsessed with!

Kate and Leopold (2001)

I love romance so if time travel and Hugh Jackman are thrown in the mix that makes it all the better!!!

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (general market)

I love this series so far (I've read the first two books) but that's a given since it combines both of my loves--romance and time travel. Did I mention there's a hunky Highlander named Jamie Fraser? ;-)

Waterfall by Lisa Bergren (Christian fiction/YA)

by Lisa T. Bergren
Copyright 2011
David C. Cook
ISBN: 9781434764331

Two reasons why I love this time travel series: Hot. Italians.

Doctor Who (2005-?)

My all-time favorite time traveler is the Doctor! Can you say C-H-A-R-I-S-M-A? Yeah this guy has it in spades. The complexities of traveling in the Time And Relative Dimension In Space confuses me to no end but I still love it. ;-)


  1. Oh there is something so romantic about time travel, isn't there? *swoon* I have been meaning to rewatch Kate & Leopold for AGES, thanks for the reminder! And long live the Doctor! :)

  2. I have read the first three chapters, and I'm hooked. It's a new genre for me.

  3. loved this posting, renee...and the videos, too :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  4. I've been waiting for the Doctor to show up for me too! I'm a time travel/sci-fi nerd and proud =D

    God Bless

  5. Wait! Where is The Time Traveler's Wife?! Did you leave it off your list by mistake? Or haven't you read it yet?!

    If you haven't read it, you must make time ASAP! That's the book that started my love of time travel books.

    Actually the 80's show Voyager with Jon Eric Hexum started my love affair with time travel but I'm dating myself even bringing that up (check out clips on YouTube to see what I'm talking about).

  6. Joy I've seen the TTTW movie but I didn't care for it for some reason! The Voyager show sounds interesting and I gotta admit to loving my some 80s tv LOL!



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