Cover Reveal: Morning Glory by Amber Stokes

I. Am. So. Excited! My friend, Amber Stokes, blogger turned self-pubbed author, is releasing yet another book in her "The Heart's Spring" series. I just loved Bleeding Heart (read my review HERE) and have high hopes for Morning Glory, the third book in the series. I don't know about you, but I think that 2014 is going to be an amazing year for books. With all the books I mentioned in my New Year's post a few days ago and now Amber's book, I'm definitely going to have to set aside even more time to read. Woohoo!

Take a look at the cover for Morning Glory below, and if you're so inclined, please leave a comment with your thoughts. I'm sure Amber will love seeing them if she stops by!

While you wait for the release of the book in August, don't forget to check out Bleeding Heart if you haven't already and visit the newly unveiled Morning Glory site: and the series site:

Don't forget to enter Amber's giveaway (Rafflecopter entry form below)! You can win a gorgeous pair of earrings and a set of note cards featuring lovely morning glories!

The depths of fear. The dawning of hope.

Myghal’s story continues… Summer 2014

About Amber: 
Amber Stokes has a Bachelor of Science degree in English and a passion for the written word – from blogging to writing poetry, short stories, and novels. After her brief time at college in Oregon, she is now back home among the redwoods of Northern California, living life one day at a time and pursuing her passion via freelance editing and self-publishing. You can connect with Amber on her blog, Seasons of Humility.


Enter to win morning glory note cards (set of four) from Cindy Lindgren and lavender & copper flower earrings from Jaye L. Knight! Giveaway limited to U.S. residents only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Reading!


  1. Awww, Renee, your excitement means so much to me! I hope Morning Glory lives up to your expectations and is worth the wait. :) Thank you for this post! *Hugs*


    1. It was my pleasure to be a part of the cover reveal team! I'm sure it will live up to (and probably surpass) my expectations! Can't wait!

  2. Yay! Another fabulous post for Morning Glory! How fun. :)

  3. Replies
    1. You're so encouraging and sweet, Juju - thank you!


    2. I'm so thrilled too, Juju! Can't wait to read this one. :-)


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