TV on DVD: Doc Martin Series 6

Doc Martin Series 6
(MSRP: $39.99)

DVD Overview:
He’s surly, tactless, self-centered, and uptight—but he’s the only doctor in town.

Even on his own wedding day, Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, Men Behaving Badly) is all scowls. Then following a calamitous honeymoon, he and Louisa (Caroline Catz, DCI Banks) must learn to live together, raise a child, and manage two careers. It’s a big adjustment for both, especially Martin, who’s unaccustomed to clutter and noise. And yet he’s still not as picky as their OCD manny.

Factor in the Doc’s usual string of batty patients—including a hypochondriac, a hoarder, two elderly tattoo artists, and a bumbling constable with a string of self-inflicted injuries—and Martin is soon more ill-tempered than ever. Plus, his crippling blood phobia is back, and his ghastly mother (Claire Bloom, The King’s Speech) picks a bad time to show up at the Ellinghams’ door. With much at stake, Martin turns for advice to his aunt Ruth (Emmy winner Eileen Atkins, Cranford), perhaps the sanest person in Portwenn—but it may already be too late.

*Contains graphic medical scenes.

~ Sickness and Health
~ Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
~ The Tameness of a Wolf
~ Nobody Likes Me
~ The Practice Around the Corner
~ Hazardous Exposure
~ Listen with Mother
~ Departure


Doc Martin Series 6 follows surgeon-turned-GP doctor, Martin Ellingham in the small fictional Cornish village of Portwenn. The doctor himself, played by the talented Martin Clunes, still hasn't adapted to life in the close knit community. Clunes captures the curmudgeonly spirit of the misplaced "Doc" to a T. His short retorts and general tactlessness elicit giggles without trying too hard. Series 6 does step away from the issues of the citizens of Portwenn and the doc's practice to focus more on Martin and his new status as a husband and a father.  Of course matters of the heart aren't easily expressed, but the silent pauses speak volumes -- more than loads of dialogue ever could. Clunes is absolutely perfect in the role.

Louisa (Caroline Catz), school headmistress, is Martin's polar opposite. They clash at every turn yet they are both likeable and it is easy to understand the frustrations they have with each other. Additonal supporting characters include officer PC Joe Penhale (aka British Barney Fife) played by John Marquez, as well as a kind-hearted but tough-as-nails, Dr. Ruth Ellingham (Eileen Atkins), and the plumber turned restaurateur, Bert Large (Ian McNeice). Somehow the doc's secretaries practice managers always end up being loud, quirky women and the latest, Morwenna Newcross (Jessica Ransom), makes for the perfect foil to the all business Martin. The brilliant, star-studded, supporting cast make this series complete.

Doc Martin is a light-hearted drama fitting for those who like British humor. If you don't mind the occasional peek at a boil or the drawing of blood, this series will pull you in and leave you in stitches (no pun intended). A word to the wise, don't watch the series at night unless you plan on waking the house with sounds of laughter! Simply put, Doc Martin is British TV at its finest.

Doc Martin is available now on DVD from Acorn Online.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher/publicist for review purposes. I received no compensation. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.*

~ My Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars ~


  1. I tried to watch the first few episodes. I just couldn't get into it. It's too bad. It looks cute.

    1. Awww Linda, I'm sorry you couldn't get into this one. Netflix only has seasons 2-5 online so I haven't had the chance to see the first but from the last 5 seasons, it's wonderful!

  2. This is such a great show! Glad you've been enjoying it.

    1. Thanks! I think you're my TV twin, Ruth. We seem to like all the same shows. We have great taste. ;-)

  3. Sounds good. I keep debating trying it.


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