Get A Doctor Who Fix Before August 23rd ~ Doctor Who, Tales of Trenzalore

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Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore
Copyright 2014
BBC Books
ISBN: 9781849908443
~ My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ~

If you're like me it has been difficult to wait for the season 8 Doctor Who premiere (here in almost a week!!!!). Thankfully, the folks at BBC Books have taken pity on us and released some great new books this summer to ease the pain. Tales of Trenzalore is the perfect way to pass the time if you have run out of ideas of Who related things or don't have your own TARDIS to pop ahead to the August 23rd premiere.

Tales of Trenzalore is a peek at what exactly the good Doctor was doing the centuries he was watching over the town of Christmas. A collection of four short stories, each written by four different authors, all featuring aliens and foes of the Doctor who you may have come to loath if you have been watching the show for any length of time, it is a must-have if you're a Whovian with a penchant for reading. If you like your Who tales with the Doctor as the lead or if you enjoy an adventure focusing on the Doctor's friends, you'll be pleased. At a little over 50 pages each, there's not much time to get to know the secondary characters, but since most of us are already familiar with the Doctor and his ways, it's not too big of a deal. I don't like usually like short stories for this reason, but since they star the Doctor, I didn't have a problem with this volume.

Each story in Tales of Trenzalore is action-packed and filled with the attitude and swagger that only the Doctor can bring. If you're yearning for a little more Doctor in your life, then this book is a perfect fit. Small enough to fit in virtually any purse, but with larger than life tales between the covers, it's truly a Doctor Who masterpiece!

Learn more about the book on the Random House website!

Check out the trailer for "Deep Breath", the first episode of series 8, below!

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