Happy Holidays with Her Universe!

TARDIS Knit Dress
Photo from Heruniverse.com
I don't know many people who aren't suckers for the Christmas season. As much as I HATE the cold, I love the thought of a white Christmas spent with family and friends. In fact, I think Christmas is the only time of year I wish for snow. Of course it never seems to happen, but I can continue to hope, right? Oh well.

If I can't have snow for Christmas, I'm hoping for something fun, for instance the new line of Christmas dresses from Her Universe! I am addicted to their geek chic line of clothing and accessories. At the rate they design new gear for the fangirl, pretty much every visit to their site will have you dropping something new in your shopping cart.

Symbol Pattern Cardigan
Photo from Heruniverse.com
Just in time for the holiday season (or should I say HER-liday?) you can let your geek flag fly this winter. Who needs ugly Christmas sweaters when you can wear a stylish TARDIS or Captain America dress. Did I mention there's also a Vader dress?! My favorite sci-fi fandoms are represented and more styles are sure to come. Even if you're not a wearer of dresses there are some fab cardigans too. ;-) A little bit to fill everyone's stocking this year!

*This is not a sponsored post. I received no compensation or payment.

~Happy Holidays! ~


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