Radiant Lit Blog Tour: Jilted by Varina Denman

Title: Jilted
Author: Varina Denman
Genre: Drama
Publisher: David C. Cook
Date: June 1, 2016
Book Three in the Mended Hearts series
Lynda Turner has struggled with depression since her husband abandoned her and their young daughter fifteen years ago. Yet unexpected hope awakens when a local ex-convict shows interest. As long-hidden secrets resurface, Lynda must fight for her emotional stability and for a life where the shadow of shame is replaced by the light of love.
Jilted tells of a woman who has lost the joy of living, a man determined to draw her back toward happiness, and a town that must—once and for all—leave the past where it belongs. It is a gentle reminder that all things can work together for good.
Author Bio – Varina Denman is author of the Mended Hearts series and a native Texan. She spent her high school years in a rural town and now writes stories about the struggles women face in similar small town settings. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, where they enjoy spending time with their five mostly-grown children.

My Thoughts:
Sometimes it's good to switch things up a bit in your reading routine. I've been on a romance bender for most of the year, and I needed to take a detour. Thankfully, this book by Varina Denman was just what the doctor ordered. 

A contemporary drama set in Texas, Jilted is the story of middle-aged Lynda Turner and her life coping with anxiety and depression. Abandoned by her husband years ago, she turns to an old, familiar friend who offers unexpected support and love. The discovery of a skeleton in nearby woods, threatens to upend Lynda's life and those of her friends and family. 

I'm not used to reading books like this, but I'm glad to have caught the conclusion to the Mended Hearts series. Depression, anxiety, mental illness, aren't topics addressed in Christian fiction, at least in the books I read, so it was actually nice to see those things presented in a way that was true to life. Jilted also isn't a book where everyone gets a HEA. It's actually a good thing in this case! The emotional and physiological struggles are ever present even at the end of the book, but there is still a sense of hope. Stories don't always have to end with saccharine sweet lives for each of the characters for me to like the books, but I do like a sense of hope and fulfillment and this book had that. I actually was surprised by how much I liked this story and hope to see more like it in the future!

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ~

Note: I received this copy of Jilted as a part of the Radiant Lit Jilted blog tour. The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Happy Reading!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Renee! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

    1. Thank you, Suko! I hope you and your family enjoyed to holiday, too!


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