Book Review: The Edge of Light by Ann Shorey

The Edge of Light: At Home in Beldon Grove, Book 1
by Ann Shorey
Revell Publishers
Copyright 2009
318 pages
ISBN: 9780800733308

Molly McGarvie widowed by the death of her husband Samuel to cholera, along with her 4 children vows to make a new life in Beldon Grove. On the trip, Molly suffers more loss than she believes she can bear. With the help of family and townsfolk she makes due and is overjoyed at an unexpected miracle. Molly learns forbearance and forgiveness that change her life forever. All this together makes for a good read!

When I first started this I thought it was going to be a romance, I was mistaken! This is the story of a woman trying to make a life for herself and the struggles that one must face through adversity from all sides; people, nature, et cetera. Ms. Shorey does a really good job developing Molly's character. At times I liked her and wanted to cry along with her and I times I wanted to shake her! She wasn't perfect, so that's probably why in the end, I liked her. The Edge of Light was a good first novel and I look forward to reading Ellie and Molly's brother, Matthew's story in Book 2, The Promise of Morning!!!

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  1. Uh oh! If it's not a romance, I may not want to read it. Do you recommend it for me?

    Great review, btw. :)

    ~ Lori

  2. There's a liiiitttle romance in it but if you like your stories to me mostly romance, this might not be for you! Don't get me wrong I liked it but there's just not a ton of romance!

  3. I'll probably still give it a try, since I already have it! LOL Thank you!

    Hey, I have another award for you! Please come pick it up at:

    ~ Lori


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