Christmas Tree 2009!

Here are a few pics I took a few minutes ago of our tree. I put it up by myself. Mom strung up the garland and lights, I did the rest! Did you expect to see anything other than a "gold" Christmas tree from me Black 'n Gold Girl?

There are really a lot more ornaments on the tree than show up in the picture but I still think it looks pretty nice! I think I'm going to add some gold bows but I'm not sure..what do you think?

Oh yeah that puppy guarding the tree is my Collie, Coco!


  1. PRETTY!!! You did a great job! :)

    Coco is so pretty, too. :p

    ~ Lori

  2. Lovely tree and Coco is a real beauty!

  3. Your tree looks great - and I love Coco! :)

  4. I love it! And Coco is just too cute:~) After seeing your tree, I see I need to over haul my little 4 ft., sapling of a tree;~)

    Love Y'all,

  5. Hi everybody thank you for stopping by and checking out my tree and Coco! She says thank you for all the compliments...she tries very hard to look beautiful for her photo shoots!

    @ Ashley- We had a four foot tree for the longest time because we used to live in a small house...when we moved we got this 6 foot tree...but I kinda miss the 4 was easy to decorate the top without killing my arms LOL!

    xoxo~ Renee

  6. Your tree is very pretty and so is your doggie too! :)

  7. The tree and your pup are both gorgeous.


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