Everything Austen Challenge: Watch 1995 and 2007 Film Adaptations of Persuasion

This week, to complete the challenge, I watched the 1995 version and the 2007 versions of Persuasion. I have to say that I absolutely love both versions of the film but for different reasons. I love the acting abilities of both Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root from older version of the film. The look between the two at the opera in Bath makes my spine tingle every time...wheeew there's so much emotion! The scene where Wentworth is writing a letter to Anne is terrific too and I have to say that if that scene was included in the 2007 version, it probably would have been my favorite!

I really liked the 2007 version too because the actors looked more like I pictured them in the book. Who doesn't think Wentworth as played by Rupert Penry-Jones is swoon worthy?! Sally Hawkins is absolutely wonderful as Anne. Overall however I just like the way the 1995 version wrapped up and the tender kiss on the street with the circus in the background was just terrific! If you are a fan of the book I think you will enjoy either film version as I did.

If you have never seen the 1995 version of Persuasion starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds, or you have seen it and want to own it read this post to learn how you can get a chance to win a DVD copy!!!


  1. I've seen the '95 version, but not the '07 version. Something else to add to my Netflix queue...


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