My Review: I Serve, A Novel of the Black Prince by Rosanne E. Lortz

I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince
by Rosanne E. Lortz
Copyright 2009
Anno Domini
372 pages
ISBN: 9780979214547
Historical Fiction

From Amazon:
A Tale of Arms, of Death, of Love, and of Honor.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Hundred Years' War, I Serve chronicles the story of Sir John Potenhale. A young Englishman of lowly birth, Potenhale wins his way to knighthood on the fields of France. He enters the service of Edward, the Black Prince of Wales, and immerses himself in a stormy world of war, politics, and romantic intrigue.

While campaigning in France, Potenhale develops an interest in Margery, a spirited lady-in-waiting with a close-kept secret. He soon learns that Sir Thomas Holland, a crass and calculating baron, holds the key to unlock Margery's mystery and possesses the power to overturn all of his hopes.

When the Black Death strikes Europe, however, Potenhale realizes that the fiercest enemy does not always appear in human form. Seeing the pestilence as a punishment for the sins of his generation, he questions his calling as a knight and considers entering the cloister. Margery or the monastery? Torn between losing his soul and losing the love of his life, he finds friendship with a French knight who might--just possibly--help him save both. (edited by author)

My Review:
As a historian I love to read fiction that has strong historical basis and I Serve is definitely one of those novels. While American history is my forte and I don't know a lot about European history, I Serve was a very interesting and entertaining read. I really appreciated the bibliography in the back of the book too for the researcher in me who likes to look things up!

This author seems to know her stuff! Not only is the book rich in detail it also has a bit of romance, faith and incredible battle scenes! While reading I Serve I felt as if I were immersed in the French country side or participating in a joust or right in the thick of the Black Plague (ewww). This is really a great book for readers of historical fiction, I hope you enjoy it if you decide to check it out!

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*I was provided a review copy of this novel by the author's husband, David Spears.*


  1. Wow, this sounds really interesting! I read a book last year that took place during the plague (the first Matthew Bartholomew book) and surprisingly enjoyed it. LOL

  2. That sounds like a great book! I was a history major too, European history is really my thing though. I especially love 18th-20th century European. I can dabble a little in the earlier centuries though.


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