Coco's Favorite Whose Line Episode!

During the summer months my little brother and I stay up late and watch reruns of Whose Line Is it Anyway? on ABC Family. Tonight's episode was a Salute to American Television with special guest stars that included Lassie! If you know anything about dogs or classic tv you know that Lassie is the world's most famous collie and quite possibly the world's most famous dog period. Well Lassie is a favorite in our household especially with Coco, our own collie so I thought I'd share this cute clip on Coco's behalf. :-P



  1. Hubby was calling my name last night clear across the house to catch this when it came on! We watch Whose Line almost every single night, and this was one of their best episodes. :o)

  2. I saw your post on FB a few weeks ago about Whose Line so I knew that you were a fan. I was hoping you would stop by and watch this. Cute huh? :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. She is a gorgeous dog! Fun video, too!

    (P.S. Thanks so much for the book; it arrived today.)

  4. I LOVE this show!! Wayne Brady was always my favorite! :)


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