Wow! 200 followers!

It's so hard to believe that over 200 of you think enough of my blog to want to follow it. I'm honored. I wish I could give you all a million dollars to thank you but unfortunately I can't...unless maybe I win the Powerball in the near future. Anywho, to thank you for being SO cool the first two people who are Google Friend Connect followers who email me at steelergirl83(at)gmail(dot)com saying, "I want a book!"and include your mailing address will each get one surprise book from me! I'll add the two winners names to this post as soon as I get them so if you see two winners here the books have already been claimed. Sorry. US residents only. Void where prohibited.

Winner #1 ~ Katie M.
Winner #2 ~ Sablelexi



  1. Congrats on reaching 200 followers! What a big accomplishment!! (And of course your blog is TOTALLY worth following! :-D

  2. That's great! Congrats on reaching 200 Followers!! =D

  3. YAY! I've been waiting for this for you, Renee. :) Totally awesome, girlfriend!

  4. Thanks ladies and congrats winners!!!

    XOXO~ Renee


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