I Can't Wait!!!!

Ohmygosh The Hunger Games is seriously the best YA series I've read since Twilight so the fact that it's also being made into a film series (hopefully better than Twilight) has me really excited. Needless to say this trailer doesn't show a whole lot but still it looks like the movie is going to be amaaaazing! Thoughts on the trailer? The books? Any movies you're looking forward to in 2012?



  1. Last night I was so excited to see the teaser during the VMA's, it was the best part of the show! I've probably watched it online like 20 times already =D Jennifer Lawrence makes such a great Katniss! Oh and I love how they had Rue's four note tune play at the end of the video. Ahh!!!

    I know you probably can't tell I'm super excited about this, but I am!! LOL!

  2. Oh, this trailer looks REALLY good! Wow!! I

    I have never read The Hunger Games, but I hear a lot of good things about it. Is it a fantasy book? I need to go check this book out...


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