Review (Christian Fiction): Hidden Affections by Delia Parr

Hidden Affections
by Delia Parr
Bethany House Publishers
Copyright 2011
320 pages
ISBN: 9780764206726
Historical Fiction/Romance

From the publisher:
Betrayed by her husband, Annabelle Tyler wears the burden of legally being a divorcee, a difficult position for an upstanding young woman to find herself in. While attempting to start a new life for herself, an unexpected turn of events once again has Annabelle married--this time to Harrison Graymoor, the most eligible, yet elusive, bachelor in Philadelphia. Harrison assures her that he will secure an annulment immediately, unaware that the constable has sent word of the marriage to the press in Philadelphia. And here things continue to go awry. Harrison's past, a philanthropic cousin with his eye on Annabelle, and the appearance of Annabelle's ex-husband threaten the tentative relationship growing between Harrison and his "wife." For two individuals set against marriage, there are certainly a lot of second thoughts regarding the one forced upon them.

My Review:
~3.5 stars~
Period films are some of my absolute favorite things to watch because they bring back a time gone by when life seemed a bit more slower and a lot more romantic. It's the same for historical fiction, everything just seems more romantic. Realistically speaking I know that 100 years ago, even 50 years ago life was a lot more complicated and I *probably* couldn't have survived 5 days in the 1800s without running water or electricity but the mystique of things unknown still draws me to books like this one. Delia Parr certainly makes 1830s Pennsylvania come alive. It probably helps that I live right next door to a grist mill and live in a town that celebrates "Pioneer Days" every fall but for those who do not you won't find it a problem experiencing life in on a Philadelphia estate through Ms. Parr's descriptions. To top it off the characters are amazing. I'm always a fan of the reluctant rogue who gets "tamed" by love and Harrison Graymoor definitely fits the bill. Annabelle Taylor, a divorcee who has to once again deal with a marriage that seemingly has no chance of going beyond the "shotgun" wedding certainly has an impressive spirit. That said the basis for their marriage was a bit hard to believe. Why two strangers would demand that Annabelle marry Harrison, especially since neither was a relation to Annabelle, was beyond me. However after I got past that, which took place in the first chapter, the story definitely got better. I still feel like Ms. Parr's earlier book, Hearts Awakening was her best (5 stars) but this is definitely an improvement over Love's First Bloom (3 stars).

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* I received my complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for posting my honest review.*



  1. I totally agree with you on how historicals seem so romantic. They are such a great escape, even though like you said, reality would have been much different. Great review!!

  2. This sounds good. I love the cover too. It makes me dream of a white winter.

    As for your thoughts on the 1800s, I am SO with you. I don't think I would survive. If I was going to go back in time I could not go back any further than 1900.

  3. I know I would not survive 5 hours back then, much less 5 days! Modern conveniences are the best!

    Thanks for posting your review for this one, I'm looking forward to getting it. I really like the cover, too. :)


  4. LOL ladies maybe if we all got together between us we could survive a whole day in the 1800s...or not. Thanks for reading my review and sharing your thoughts. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee


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