We May Have a Serious Problem...

I'm sorry if I worried you at all with the title of this post, but I just found a new site that may be as addicting as Etsy! Have you ever heard of SpoonflowerSpoonflower makes custom print fabric!!!! Hello! Can you say geek girl heaven! I hadn't heard of the site until just today, and I have to say it could be a serious problem for me (and probably my mom too since she's the seamstress I'd hire to make everything).

I can imagine wearing a Doctor Who apron with fabric from risarocksit...

Stuff that

or carrying a Sherlock print wallet with this fabric from marchhare!


The possibilities are endless with the huge variety of fabrics available on the site. Have any of you ordered from Spoonflower before? If so, was it a pleasant experience? Were you satisfied with your orders? Please share. :)


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