It's BUCtober!

If you're not from Pittsburgh you might be wondering just what the heck BUCtober is, well, it's playoff time in the city! We're celebrating the end of the too long drought (over 20 years of losing seasons!) with a winning season courtesy of "Cutch", Byrd, Liriano, skipper Clint Hurdle and the rest of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization! Hopefully, last night's Wild Card win against the Cincinnati Reds is the beginning of a successful October for the Buccos.
If you aren't a baseball fan, chances are you're still experiencing Bucco Fever if you live in the area. Even if you aren't from SWPA, I'll just bet you've read, seen, or heard about the Pirates' fabulous season! I can't believe how well things are going for the team and it's AWESOME! Hopefully we'll be able to raise the Jolly Roger in St. Louis tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the USA Today post of 17 reasons why the Pirates are so great, I especially like #10! ;-)

Raise it!


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