Hey everyone! I really apologize for not being around much on my blog or visiting your blogs this week. To be honest nearly every waking minute that I've been on the computer has been devoted to getting my hacked Hotmail account fixed and regaining access to my Facebook. My Facebook profile didn't disappear for those of you who are friends but I didn't have access to it due to the email issues so I was stressing out! I did FINALLY hear back from Hotmail today concerning my account and I was able to access it but decided it would be best to just delete it permanently. I never really used my Hotmail account much anyways so it wasn't that big of deal but it was a pain to export all of my contacts to my Gmail. Soooo I hope to be back up and running with new posts either later today or tomorrow! I did have some time to de-stress this week by reading a few good books so you can be sure to look for some new reviews soon. Thank you again so much for your patience!


  1. No need to apologize, Renee. I look forward to your next review. :)

  2. thanks ladies! I hope nothing like this ever happens to me again or to you for that matter!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. No worries, Renee!! That's more important anyway : )

    Just get back to us whenever time allows it!

  4. Don't you just hate it when that happens? I hate going long stretches without blogging too. But life happens, so no worries! :D

  5. Have an award for you here if you want it. :)



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