2010 National Dog Show!

While lounging around the house after eating Thanksgiving dinner I was channel surfing and came across the National Dog Show! I always love to watch the various breeds prance around the ring (they know they are champions) and really I like them all, but of course I do have a soft spot for a certain breed... ;-)

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Who did you cheer for? Although the Collie didn't win another beautiful breed, an Irish Setter named Clooney took the honors for top dog and he deserved it!


  1. Ooo I missed it. I love this show! I usually cheer for labs or poodles :) (I have one of each)

  2. Bummer...I missed it, too! I always like the collies, but I would've been rooting for the Chinese Cresteds and the Pugs since that's what I have. :o)

  3. Several years ago there was a bull terrier named Rufus. I fell in love as soon as I saw him!! And he won that year!!! I think he was the first ever bull terrier to win.
    My hubby saw an article in the newspaper about Rufus just a few weeks ago and saved it for me. It told about how he's visiting the sick and elderly in his retirement. It was so sweet! :)
    I SOOOO want to meet that dog.

    All that said, I have a special place in my heart for the bulldog, so I always cheer for that one. They never win, though! :(

  4. Tammy I know what you mean! I always cheer for the collie and they NEVER win. Oh well I guess it's because Coco hasn't participated in any shows yet. :-P

    Christy I LOVE the pugs and their smushy faces. Sooo cute!

    Juju I love labs! They are always so friendly and playful. I've only met one poodle in my life but she was the cutest thing!

    Great choices everyone! Hopefully soon one of those breeds will win.

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. Such a pretty breed! Thanks for sharing this video, Renee.

  6. This looks so fun!! These shows are great to watch! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday, Renee!!


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