Christian Fiction Review: Amy Inspired by Bethany Pierce

Amy Inspired
by Bethany Pierce
Copyright 2010
Bethany House Publishers
320 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0850-8
Contemporary Fiction

From the publisher:
With rejections piling up, she could use just a little inspiration...

Amy Gallagher, aspiring writer, has an unabashed obsession with words. She gave up a steady, albeit unexciting, job to pursue a life of writing. However, two years and one master's degree later, she finds herself almost exactly right back where she started. Discouraged by the growing pile of rejections from publishers and afraid that she has settled, Amy knows something has to change.

Then she meets the mysterious, attractive, and unavailable Eli. Amy finds herself struggling to walk the fine line between friendship and something more with Eli, even as she tries to cope with the feeling that her friends and family are moving on without her. When the unexpected begins pouring in, Amy doubts the love and fulfillment she seeks will ever come her way. Forced to take a close look at who she has become, the state of her faith, and her aspirations for her life, she must make a choice: play it safe yet again or finally find the courage to follow her dreams.

My Review:
I was very confused by this book, I really don't know how to rate it. I'm a reader of both general market/secular fiction and Christian fiction, usually there is a pretty clear line between the two, for me Amy Inspired blurred the line. If I were to classify it as anything it would be women's fiction with faith elements since there is not a lot of romance but rather a relationship between two girl friends and their struggles with men, family, etc. Amy lived in an apartment with a guy she was attracted to and even slept with him, no sex but I definitely do not see my grandma reading this! I'm absolutely fine with authors mentioning sex, alcohol, etc. but I guess I'm just not used to it mentioned casually in Christian fiction. That said I would definitely say this is an "edgy" book.

On one hand this story is very realistic with Amy wondering about her love life, career and writing which I liked reading about but on the other hand it's almost too realistic. Did I really need to know about basic bodily functions? no, these were definite "TMI" moments for me. On the other hand this book had some great lines that made me say, "Oh wow! How true!" I won't say that I didn't like Amy Inspired but it will definitely take some getting used to. Readers who don't generally read Christian fiction might want to give this a chance as it is not too "preachy."

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*I received my complimentary copy as part of the Bethany House Publishers book review program.*


  1. Hmmmm...this one is waiting in my review pile, but it might be picking up a different book to review before this one.

  2. I'm about 3 chapters into it, and just about to give up. At least I borrowed it from the library.

  3. Thanks for your honest review, Renee.

  4. Fascinating. Sounds like something I might like. Thanks for breaking it down :)

  5. I like your review, Renee! I'm a bit confused by this book too, which is why I've yet to write my review on it. :) I was ready to stop reading at places, and even just "skimmed" sections, yet, I really liked it at other spots. Maybe that was what Bethany Pierce was going for. :)

  6. What really matters about a book is whether it's good,not whether we can classify it. Some of the best literature went directions no one else was thinking of. But the book has to be good. In my view, a good book is consistent and grabs you at some point and holds on to you.

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