Christian Fiction Review: Love Remains (Matchmakers, Book 1) by Kaye Dacus

Love Remains (Matchmakers, Book 1)
by Kaye Dacus
Copyright 2010
Barbour Books
320 pages
ISBN: 9781602609891

From the publisher:
Every grandmother wants to see her grandchildren happy, especially when it comes to their love lives. Join five active senior ladies—and one gentleman—who take a great interest in the lives and loves of their single grandchildren and become The Matchmakers. Zarah Mitchell and Bobby Patterson become the first focus of meddling grandmothers when he moves back to Nashville to work for the Tennessee Criminal Investigations Unit. Will Zarah be able to forgive the man who years ago chose a military career over her—especially when she learns he is investigating the historic preservation agency for which she works?

My Review:
If you're looking for a love story featuring a real heroine who is searching for her happily ever after look no further than Kaye Dacus's books. I love her novels because they feature far from perfect career minded women with (gasp) curves! Her latest series, Matchmakers is off to a great start with book 1, Love Remains.

Zarah Mitchell a dedicated employee of the Middle Tennessee Historic Preservation Committee loves history but doesn't care to bring up her own especially when it comes to Bobby Patterson. Bobby, Zarah's first and only love is suddenly back in her life but not for completely sentimental reasons. With everything that happened in their past relationship you just know that everything is NOT going to come together easily.

Ms. Dacus does such a wonderful job telling their story. I love all the details that she includes in her writing especially the romantic story of Zarah's ancestors. While I was hoping to see a little more of the "Matchmakers" they were just as I pictured, sweet old ladies who have their grandchildren's best interests at heart. I'm really looking forward to reading more in this series and what lengths the Matchmakers will go to for their families.

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*I received my copy from the publisher and author to review.*


  1. Lovely review! And Zarah is such an unusual and pretty name!

  2. Great review-I have this book but I haven't read it yet. I'm sure I will though because I loved the Brides of Bonneterre.

  3. I was suppose to get one of these, but it never arrived. Alas. It's on my list... one day!

  4. Thanks for this nice book review. I enjoyed it. I read book reviews on different sites, I find your review very genuine and orignal.


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