Here We Go Steelers!!!!

Finally that pricey new stadium in Dallas will see a winning team play under it's roof...the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!! Time to plan a great Super Bowl party, any suggestions for the food menu?


  1. I just read this online: "What foods first come to mind when planning a Steelers party? For most die-hard Pittsburghers its kielbasa, pierogies and Isaly's chipped ham barbeque. For desserts, try some Clark Bar brownies or Klondikes to keep the Pittsburgh tradition going."

    And a friend on Facebook treated us to this today: (I'm not familiar with what it's a parody of . . .)

    Enjoy! (Did you miss Downton Abbey because of the game?!)

  2. My hubby kept checking the score the other night, and me not being a football fan in the slightest told him I was rooting for the Steelers. :) I'm happy for you that your team is going to the superbowl!!

  3. LOL Renee! Yep those are true Piitsburgh classics...not sure about the Klondike bar though. Yes I did miss Downton but I've seen the "full" version. You can get it on dvd at Amazon. I'm afraid to review it until I've seen the PBS version though because I don't want to give something away that may not have been in the PBS version. Both versions are slightly diffferent.

    YES JUJU SOOOOO excited!!! :-P

    Bluerose- LOL so glad you are rooting for the Steelers!

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. Yummy food? I am partial to spicy wings, or just spicy food of any kind. Enjoy!


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