Reading Challenges 2011 Numero Uno: Contentment Reading Challenge

Since I was so successful with last years challenges (read about my past challenges HERE) I've decided to jump in and try some new challenges the first one which is being hosted by my friend Amber @ Seasons of Humility. If you haven't visited her blog I suggest it! It's a wonderful place to go and let me tell you Amber is so creative there's always something new and fun going on there.

Here are the rules as taken from Amber's blog. If you want to read more about the challenge or join in go HERE!!!!

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•In order for this to be a "challenge," it's good to set some goals. There's no pressure--just choose whatever level you think would be good for you if you would like to have an overall goal. Since the ocean is the theme for the devotional posts on Amber's blog ("Sundays by the Sea") here are some of the themed levels you can aim for:

Floating: Re-reading 5 books you already own. Skimming the surface.
Wading: Re-reading 10 books you already own. Getting your feet wet in your ocean of books.
Swimming: Re-reading 15 books you already own. Immersing yourself again.
Diving: Re-reading 20 or more books you already own. Going deep into the stories you love.

• The challenge officially starts on January 1, 2011 and officially ends on December 31, 2011.

~Since I don't know how to swim I'm just going to go "wading" with 10 books and we will see how far I can go from there. I review for a lot of different publishers and I just got a Nook so I'm not sure if I will have a lot of time for going back to my keeper shelf.

I think this is a great challenge, kudos to Amber for thinking of it. I hope you are participating in at least one challenge this year, they're fun. ;-)


  1. Glad you are joining this challenge too!

  2. I'm a Floater for this challenge so you're doing better than I am!

  3. Awwww, thanks, Renee, for joining the challenge and posting about it! Glad you like the idea! And thank you for the sweet words about me and my blog. :) Love you and your blog, too!

    Also, thank you Ruth and Renee Ann for joining in! :D



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