Three Things I Love About Spring...

1. Flowers!
Peonies are my favorite -- they require little care and look like the more finicky rose. Check out how great the blooms are this year!

Coco takes a selfie.

2. Cool breezes on hot days
Life is "ruff".

3. Review books by the dozen... or more!

Is it just me or do publishers release more books in the spring and summer?

What are you reading this spring?

Happy Spring!


  1. I'm SO with you on flowers.
    I think you're right. Spring and summer seem like the busy season for publishing.

    1. I love it! The more books the better, right? :-D

  2. OOH those flowers are gorgeous!
    Haha yeah spring and summer are crazy publishing seasons! I have so many review books waiting to be read right now! Several of them are the same as yours!

    1. Thanks, Abbi! I have put a dent in that pile of books and some were excellent and some were average. I hope you enjoy them all!

  3. I think they do publish more books in those seasons...beach reads. I love fireplace reads as well.

    1. I'm jealous that you have a fireplace to read by. It must be so nice and cozy in the winter.

  4. Flowers are one of the very best things about spring/summer. I just love 'em.

    ...and review books? Heck, yes! Adore them. And the more the merrier. ;)

    1. Spring is such a happy time all the way around. There's really nothing to complain about...except maybe all the rain we get here LOL!


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