Everything Austen Challenge: Lost in Austen Part I

Lost in Austen Part I
Okay I'm totally doing everything backwards for the Everything Austen Challenge. I was going to start it off by reading Pride and Prejudice but was in the mood for a movie last night so I watched part 1 of Lost in Austen (I REALLY need to get my own copy)!!! Seriously I just love this movie, I've probably watched it 3x in as many weeks...I know, I have NO life...they should have cast me in the movie as Miss Price. :-P

I think we all have dreamt at one point or another what it would be like to meet the characters from Pride and Prejudice (for us girls it was probably Bingham or Darcy) and this movie shows what it might have been like! I have to say though that Mr. Darcy was a TOTAL... snob! More than I ever pictured him to be! The sisters Jane, Kitty, Lydia, and Mary were just as I always pictured them. The mother was more neurotic and annoying than I ever imagined her and poor Mr. Bennet...I felt soooo sorry for him. He was great though, I loved his rather dry sense of humor. I just need to say this about the parson Mr. Collins, what a creep!!!! I'll post what I think about Part II next week so be sure to look for it!


  1. I love Lost in Austen too and I know I wouldn't mind finding that my bathroom leads to Elizabeth Bennet's house and I end up with Mr. Darcy :D

    Lost in Austen is so humorous and so much fun, as well :)

  2. I also enjoyed it. I think I'll wait on the review when I watch it again since it's not officially on my list!

  3. I've only watched this once (on my computer before it was available on DVD) but now have a copy and can't wait to watch it!!

  4. I watch it on my computer too! That's why I made the comment that I need to get my own LOL


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